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A Dog Seat for the Golf Cart

Snoozer Pet Products makes a dog booster seat for your golf cart so your dog doesn’t have to wait five hours for you to come home! The Snoozer Lookout Pet Seat is specifically made to be attached to the seat of a golf cart. It has 2 inch foam walls and a comfortable lambswool liner, The Lookout is perfect for your dog under 25 pounds to ride around with you from hole to hole.



The Snoozer Lookout comes in two sizes: Small (12″H x 21″W x 13″D) and Large (12″H x 18″W x 16″D). You can also choose from either black or khaki color. This is a great product for those who love to be active with their dog.

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Stroll in Gangnam Style!

The uber popular song, “Gangnam Style” refers to a very affluent district in the city of Seoul. People who live in Gangnam are ahead of the trends and extremely fashionable. The word Gangnam is a slang term that roughly equates to the English term “swag.” If you live in Gangnam, traveling around town with your dog in a pet stroller is certainly chic.

There are many US cities where traveling around with a small pet is common, and made easy with the use of pet strollers. There are several pet strollers designed for the fashion conscious pet owner.

PetZip Monogram is a multi-purpose stroller with a treat, bowl and dog bone pattern on the fabric. Measuring 19 inches wide, this stroller will easily fit into doorways and store isles.  The swiveling front wheel makes it easy to push and navigate with one hand.  There is a roomy storage area underneath the main pet compartment. This stroller is for pets up to 45 pounds.

Pet Ego makes the Quadro Stroller Frame which is meant to be used with the Pod ILove Carrier. This is the ultimate in Gangnam style for pet strollers. This is a lightweight, easily maneuverable stroller that can hold a maximum of 15 pounds, between the upper and lower tiers. The Pod ILove carrier easily attaches to the stroller frame and can be removed to simply be a pet carrier.


KittyWalk makes the Royale Classic stroller and the Royale Classic SUV, which is 30% larger, with fabric that looks like designer luggage. Kitty Walk is known for making pet strollers that have a 360 degree view for their passengers. The carrier can be removed and it has a faux leather handle. The front wheels swivel for easily maneuvering with one hand.


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Keep Your Pet Safe and Be Aware of Chemical Hazards

Winter is a time of year that people need to take care to prevent exposure of pets to harmful chemicals.

Antifreeze typically contains ethylene glycol as the primary ingredient. It has a sweet smell so animals are attracted to it. A half of a teaspoon will kill a cat if ingested and 8 ounces can kill a 75-pound dog. This chemical does irreversible damage to the kidneys. There is a less toxic alternative that has propylene glycol as the main ingredient. Pay attention to leaks on the garage floor or on the driveway to which an animal has access. Clean up any spills you notice.

De-Icing salts often contain sodium chloride which is irritating to the paws of animals and can make them ill after licking their paws. The illnesses they are likely to suffer from include hypersalivating, nausea and vomiting. Consider using salts with calcium or potassium chloride, or make sure you wipe off all pet paws when they come

Pets spend much more time indoors when the weather is bad, so paying attention to household cleaners they might come into contact with is important. Cleaners with bleach, ammonia, chlorine, glycol ethers, or formaldehyde in the ingredient list can put pets at risk for liver and kidney damage, cancer and anemia.

Awareness of potential problems can mean avoiding health problems for your pet.


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Pet Stroller Fabric

We see the words “Denier 600 fabric” on many of the dog and cat strollers on the market, but what does that mean?

Pet Gear Happy Trails

Denier, nylon and polyester, is a unit of measuring the weight of a thinly spun fiber.  It tells us how durable the material is, and also the fineness of natural and synthetic fiber filaments and yarns. The higher the Denier number the thicker and tighter the weave of the fabric, while a lower Denier indicates a finer, more loosely woven, fabric.

So if you were buying a neck scarf then you would look for a lower Denier number because loosely spun fibers tend to make the scarf softer to the touch. However, you might want an outdoor tent, or a piece of luggage with a higher Denier number because the tighter weave makes it more durable.

For pet strollers, a higher Denier number means the fabric can be  easily spot cleaned with a wet rag, and that it is more resistant to tears from pet claws. Dirty paw prints are likely to end up on the inside of your stroller compartment and it’s convenient to quickly wipe the stains after use.

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Strollers for Multiple Pets

You can choose a pet stroller that will carry multiple pets based on the weight that the stroller can hold or the size of the compartment. If you are taking your pets short distances then cabin size may not be of concern, but you might want your pets to be more comfortable during a long journey.specialed three dogs


Larger strollers that carry pets 100-150lbs include the Pet Gear Roadster and Expedition, Solvit Houndabout large stroller, and the DoggyRide Novel and Original. They have plenty of room for multiple pets to ride any distance or length of time.

The medium-sized strollers that carry between 50 and 75 lbs include the PetZip Happy Trailer, the Kittywalk Double Decker, 5th Avenue, Original, Royale and Emerald SUV, the Pet Gear AT3 and Jogger and the Solvit Hound About medium stroller.

Smaller strollers that carry 45 pounds or less include the Petzip Walkie, Urban Vogue, 3 in 1 and sport strollers, Pet Gear Special Edition, Sportster and Happy Trails. The small strollers can easily accommodate two pets, but don’t go by weight limit alone.

Another factor to consider is whether the stroller has a safety tether, or more than one tether to clip onto your pet’s leash or collar. The tether is a feature that is important to some people because it will keep your pet centered in case of sudden stops, starts, or turns. A safety tether also allows you to keep the windows open without worrying about the escape of your pet. Some strollers have more than one safety tether, like the PetZip Happy Trailer, which has 3 tether clips, and the PetZip Monogram, which has 2 tether clips.


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Getting Active Can Make You More Productive at Work

So many of us who work full-time don’t feel there is enough time during the day to exercise. Studies show that daily exercise improves our mood and our ability to focus. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the tasks and the stresses of the day, but the costs may be lowered effectiveness and productivity. Spending just 10 minutes a day on something as simple as stretching or walking briskly can cancel out the negative effects of stress on the brain.

Our brains focus on the task at hand when in stress mode, but an exercise break allows us to think abstractly and pay more attention to our surroundings.  We can then return to the task with a fresh perspective. When we are in stress mode, our energy levels tend to decrease which leads to reaching for energy drinks and salty carbohydrate-laden foods. These things will elevate our moods and our energy for a short time and then we dive back down. Chronic stress can make it difficult to get going in the morning, but then leave us too keyed up to get to sleep at bedtime.  If we don’t sleep enough over a period of time, we tend to be less efficient and less productive. Even small changes in our routine, that include exercise, can lead to a better sense of well-being.

While at work, exercise can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or standing up to stretch and taking the long route to the bathroom. Or, consider stopping everything and think about nothing for awhile. Take a time out from the busy day and take a few deep breaths. And if conditions permit, get outside and take a short walk.


When the work day is over and you have a pet waiting for you at home, there is another opportunity for exercise. If you exercise your pet, or exercise with your pet, you will both have a greater sense of well-being.


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