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5 Reasons to Own a Pet Bicycle Trailer

For the active pet owner, riding a bike is one of the most enjoyable ways for you to get exercise and for your pet to experience the sights and scents of the outdoors. There is a bicycle trailer out there for almost any size pet. Pet bicycle trailers can attach to almost every type of bike, with little effort. Reasons to acquire a pet bike trailer include:

petego kasko
PetEgo Kasko
  1. You have a pet who does not like to miss out on any fun activity that involves the outdoors and being with his owner.
  2. You have a pet that can run or walk for short distances, but it is not as far as you would like to travel.
  3. You don’t want to be concerned about the safety of your pet around traffic or other dogs while you are on your bike.
  4. Dog bike trailers are multi-functional. They can easily be converted to a pet stroller for days you prefer to walk with your pet.
  5. You love to ride your bike and want your pet to have a similar experience and not be sitting at home alone.

Some reputable Dog Bike Trailer manufacturers include DoggyRide, PetEgo and Solvit. All three make great products, with some offering more features than others. Pet bicycle trailers have sturdy floors, air-filled tires and shock absorbers. They have plenty of room for your pet, or pets, to sit, stand up, turn around and lie down. They have mesh viewing windows and some have a sun-roof!

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Assembling the Pet Gear AT3 Stroller

Pet Gear makes a fantastically popular stroller called the All-Terrain 3. This pet stroller easily carries more than 1 pet and up to 60 pounds of weight. The cabin dimensions measure 30.5″L x 14″W x 24″H, which is plenty of room for two or even three dogs.

pg at3

It is a very quick procedure to get your Pet Gear AT3 stroller on the road. The stroller comes folded up and you must attach the wheels. First you push each back wheel onto the axle until it locks in place. Each back wheel has a lock and release button that is to face the outside of the stroller. To attach the front wheel, you need to push the tubing into the front posts until the velco pins pop out of the holes. The front wheel can swivel or you can push the pin in, above the wheel, so the wheel is locked for jogging.

To unfold the Pet Gear AT3, you release the folding latch on the side, spread the handle and the seat apart until both sides of the frame lock in place. To fold up the pet stroller, make sure to unzip the stroller and open the canopy. Next, slide the second frame lock release to the right, while squeezing the main frame lock release rotate the folding mechanism almost 180 degrees forward until stroller releases and handle is lowered. Then fold over the closing latch to keep the stroller in the folded position.

When parking the stroller, be sure to put on the brake located in the rear of the stroller. The brake is easily engaged with your toe and then released by lifting the brake lever upward with your toe.

Making sure the wheels are free of debris will keep your AT3 rolling smoothly. Releasing the wheels and lubricating with WD-40 or a light machine oil is all that is necessary to ensure top performance out of the 12 inch EVA tires.


The sporty canopy can be zippered or left open for maximum visibility. There is an internal safety leash in case you have a pet who likes to escape. The mesh sides do provide a good view from all directions. You can choose a front or rear entry for your pet and the padded floor is comfortable for sitting, standing, or lying down. The AT3 has sturdy shock absorbers creating a smooth ride for your pet.

To purchase this pet stroller or check out others, please visit:

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The Best Cure for Loneliness

There are many different situations in life that may leave you feeling lonely. Loneliness can be described as feeling cut off from others not by choice, being without company, and being unhappy alone. People  may feel lonely because they don’t have a larger social network of friends, family and/or community. Loneliness can set in after a loved one dies, after children leave the home, following a divorce, or when there is a change in employment status or conditions. It’s possible to be lonely temporarily, or it could last a long term.  It’s important to distinguish between feeling lonely and being depressed.  We all feel lonely from time to time, but we don’t all necessarily experience depression.

People find a greater social connectedness through community centers, churches, schools, employment and neighborhoods. Community centers are often a hub for educational opportunities, health care, child care and socializing.


Many people turn to pets when they feel lonely or isolated. Pets provide a sense of responsibility and purposefulness. Pets, especially dogs, encourage you to develop an exercise routine, which then leads to a greater chance of being social. Walking a dog invites other people to stop and pet your dog and then have a conversation with you. There is also a tremendous sense of comfort that comes with a pet relationship. Petting an animal has been proven to reduce stress levels in people, and to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. A pet leaves many people feeling less lonely.


Like to travel with your pet? Visit to find out more about wheeled pet carriers.

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Get Outdoors With Your Disabled Dog

Just like people, dogs are happy when they get to experience the freedom and freshness of the outdoors. Dogs get to run, find new scents, and feel the cool ground under their feet. What about if your dog is injured, like he has a broken leg, an injured tendon or a lacerated paw pad? Likewise, what if your dog is older and is less able to ambulate, or if he has hip dysplasia and too much activity is painful to him?

HoundAbout Pet Stroller

There is a solution for injured and older animals to still be able to enjoy those long walks of the past. If you have a small dog, then carrying him is an option, but after a while your arms and back begin to ache. A pet stroller is a great way for you to still get your exercise while your dog gets to check out the surroundings. There are strollers for people who enjoy jogging and strollers for just walking around. Air-filled tires ensure a smooth ride and swiveling wheels make maneuvering simple. Pet strollers have comfortable cabins with pads on which your dog can sit or lie down. They have zippered mesh openings for good visibility and ventilation. Some have adjustable canopies to shield your pet from the sun and wind. An internal tether clip keeps your pet from jumping out of the cabin. Pet strollers make it easy to get around busy city streets with your pet, and you don’t have to worry about his safety. They easily fold up and fit into the trunk of your car, or the bus or train.

Many people initially need a pet stroller temporarily, and then find their pet loves to ride in it even after their injury has healed! People are more likely to get outside and exercise when they know their pet is also benefiting from the trip.

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5 Items to Make Traveling with Your Pet Easier

Traveling with pets by car is so popular that cars like the Honda Element have a pet package available and are commended for their pet-friendly design! Keeping your car clean and your pet happy when traveling will make your journey hassle-free.

1. A spill-proof bowl. This is key. Pets need to stay hydrated during travel and this item will ensure that the water and food go into the animal, rather than onto the floor. Two examples of spill-proof bowls are:

Fly Dog Travel Bowl











2. A good chew toy is a must! The bully stick is a fantastic item to keep dogs busy for hours. They are available in multiple lengths and even come odor-free!

Bully Sticks

3. A multi-functional leash will allow your dog to have the run of the back seat, yet you won’t have to worry about him causing trouble. Kurgo makes a leash that is also a zip-line for the inside of the car. Great idea.

4. A booster seat helps the small dog see out the window. Companies like Solvit and Snoozer make comfortable seats that can be used with or without the car seat belt.

Solvit Tagalong
Snoozer Lookout Car Seat










5. A pet stroller will make it easier to navigate your final destination with your pet. A lightweight, easy to fold, fit in your trunk kind of stroller.

Kyjen Outward Hound











A large variety of Dog and Cat Strollers can be found at:

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Pick a Papillon to Be Your Prince

Originally from France, Papillon means “butterfly” and these dogs have fringe-like fur outlining their ears that looks like a butterfly. The Papillon is known to be an alert, happy, smart and dainty tea-cup dog, with long hair and a long, arching tail. These dogs are happy running around in a large space, but will also be perfectly happy living in a small apartment.

They are pleasant, loyal little dogs that aren’t shy, but also are not aggressive. The Papillon is also known as a Continental Toy Spaniel. They live 12-15 years, don’t have any major health concerns, and generally weigh between 3 and 12 pounds. A Papillon likes to exercise, but also loves to sit on your lap. They are perfectly portable, a great dog to take on your travels. If you choose to get this type of dog from a breeder, make sure they are reputable. There are also organizations who rescue Papillons and  Papillon mixed breeds.


There are a variety of Pet Strollers that are perfect for small dogs like the Papillon. More information can be found at: