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Best Strollers for Bulldogs

 Clyde_The_BulldogThe oh so handsome bulldog is not exactly built for running marathons. With an average weight of 50 pounds, short legs and a large midsection, the bulldog is the perfect candidate for a pet stroller.

PetZip makes a great, well-made stroller that is ideal for that robust bulldog who will probably tire easily during an outing at the park. The Happy Trailer is a sturdy dog stroller capable of carrying a 75 pound animal. Air-filled tires assures a smooth ride and a swiveling front wheel makes maneuvering a breeze. Your bulldog will have great visibility in the Happy Trailer and plenty of room to sit, stand and lie down. The versatile Happy Trailer comes with an attachment to become a bike trailer.petzip happy trailer

DoggyRide also makes two great, sturdy dog strollers that are perfect for the full-size bulldog. The Original and Novel strollers have a slightly larger cabin than the Happy Trailer yet hold more weight, 100 and 110 lbs respectively. The Novel has a lightweight, aluminum frame that weighs 8 pounds less that the Original stroller. Both strollers have air-filled tires and a swiveling front wheel. The DoggyRide strollers also have a low-to-the-ground point of entry, making it more accessible for the shorter bulldog to hop inside.


A roomy, sturdy cabin, great visibility and air-filled tires enables your bulldog to have a comfortable ride in a pet stroller.

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How to Get Your Dog to Like a Stroller

Some dogs leap right into strollers and car seats, while others are much more cautious.

My first suggestion is to open up the stroller, put the brake on, and set it in a room where your dog is likely to explore it. Be sure the brake is on so he’s not frightened by any movement. Let him sniff it, walk around it, look inside it and generally try to figure it out. You can place a chair next to it, so he can jump up and hopefully go inside the stroller. Strollers that have a lower point of entry are sometimes more inviting because they can just be unzipped.

Consider putting you dog’s bed inside the cabin of the stroller, a favorite toy and/or a small treat. When it seems like your dog is somewhat comfortable sitting inside the stroller, take him for a stroll around the room.

Allow your dog to investigate and get used to the stroller for a few days to a week. This is usually all it takes for your dog to like a stroller.


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7 Cool Cat Facts

Cats are fascinating creatures and I’m always curious to know what makes them tick. I recently stumbled onto some cat facts that I thought I would share:


  1. Cats don’t like their food too hot or too cold. Since their prey in the wild is basically room temperature, that’s how they want their cat chow.
  2. Most cats are ambidextrous, but curiously about 40% of them have either a dominant right or left paw.
  3. Cats see in color. They also have fantastic night vision. They only need 1/6th of the light that humans need to see.
  4. A group of kittens is called a Kindle and a group of adult cats is called a Clowder.
  5. Cats only meow at people, not at other cats.
  6. Cats all fall the same way; they rotate their head, twist their spine, realign their rear legs and then arch their back before landing on their feet.
  7. Like human fingerprints, cats all have a unique nose pad. No two nose pads are alike!



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Adapted from PetMD

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Frenchie Friends

The French Bulldog might arguably be the cutest small dog out there!


The have truly irresistible jowls and soft, soft ears. Their sad-looking eyes make you want to love them for hours at a time. I’d say the most difficult part of being a Frenchie owner is that they can be hard to potty train. If you get them early then it’s easier to get a routine going, but we got one of ours at 6 months of age and he’s been a total bugger. It is an ongoing process!

Luckily, all the positives outweigh the negatives and I wouldn’t trade in our two dogs for anything. Watch dogs they are not. They are the laziest little dogs I have ever seen. They sleep all the time, with brief interludes of running outside and barking at the neighbor’s dog. One likes to fetch a small ball and the other likes to destroy the ball.

Grooming the Frenchie is a non-issue. They shed very lightly and never need to be brushed. It’s a good idea to wipe their nose folds and their ears with a soft pad and vinegar so they don’t get funky. They love kids, love each other and love to snuggle. As with all dogs, they are overwhelmed with glee every single time they see you! What could be better?

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DoggyRide Keeps You on the Road

There are many dog strollers on the market, but DoggyRide is a leader in the safety, comfort and versatility of their dog trailers and dog strollers.

dr novel dog stroller

Their most innovative feature is the wheel alignment system that is found on the Original and Novel Dog Jogger-Strollers.  These two strollers, which can carry 100 lbs and 110 lbs respectively, are rated as the best strollers for dogs over 45 pounds. When jogging with your dog, strollers tend to veer, especially if your dog shifts his weight inside the cabin. The wheel alignment system adjusts for that movement and keeps your stroller traveling straight. The Dog Jogger-Stroller has a 12 inch front wheel that can swivel or lock into place. DoggyRide is the only company to offer the wheel alignment feature!

The Dog Jogger-Stroller has 20 inch air-filled rear tires for a smooth ride. The tires easily release and the cabin folds for convenient storage. This stroller is suitable for any dog, but it caters to the older, larger and disabled dog with it’s low center of gravity and accessible point of entry.

There are two options for the jogger-stroller, the Original and the Novel. The main difference between the strollers is the Novel is constructed of a lightweight, aluminum alloy frame that is of a higher quality than the Original.

Below are several reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars Doggie Ride, July 8, 2012

This review is from: DoggyRide Original Dog Jogger-Stroller -Urban Red- DRORJS09-RD (Misc.)

We absolutely love the Doggie Ride. It took about 4 or 5 times for our dog to get the hang of getting in and out of it. She was a bit shy about climbing into it at first. Now she loves it. This is extremely well made. Everything is collapsable or removable with simple buttons or levers or pins. This thing could not have been better designed. The wheels pop off in an instant with the push of a button. The front wheel comes off by simply pulling a lever. The handle is removed by pulling two pins, and the cabin collapses by pulling one pin and dropping a cross bar. So if space is an issue, you could have the entire stroller collapsed and put away in less than one minute. We have been using ours for about a month now and could not be happier with our purchase.

I did quite a bit of research before choosing this stroller. If you want a extremely well made, sturdy, easy to use, top of the line stroller, this is the one to get.


Average Rating

I just got this stroller/jogger yesterday…absolutely love the product. I have an English bulldog and she loves it. Rides really smooth, easy to assemble, I also got the bed that comes with it and it fits perfectly. This is ideal if you want to take your pup with you to fairs, parades, amusement parks etc. Its collapsable too. Speedy delivery too!!! Thanks again!



 Excellent Choice for Injured Dog

I used the stroller for my PitBull 65# that had torn both hind cruciates. It gave me an opportunity to keep her included in our active lifestyle. We used it while waiting for surgery and convalesing for months afterwards. The stroller is designed for big dogs with large tires that gave her a comfortable ride. It turns easily for one-handed pushing, and is easy to collapse and take with you. This purchase made a huge difference in my dogs recovery as she did not have to wait at home for months in a crate by herself.



 Great Product

The Novel Stroller is made very nicely, lots of attention to detail such as velcro fasteners for the clear plastic (for when it rains) covering the opening, ability to clip the harness or collar into the stroller for safety, and additional storage in the back of the stroller secured with a pocket and also a place for a water bottle. Looks sturdy and well-made.

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Is My Pet Fat?

All too often people think they are doing their pets a favor by giving them scraps of fat from a roast or other tasty morsels from the table. Animals of course love it and we don’t really know when enough is enough. Many people aren’t aware of the many consequences of an overweight pet and tend to feel bad restricting calorie intake.

Approximately half of all dogs and cats in American homes are overweight or obese. Health problems such as heart disease and diabetes are common in these animals. Many fat animals suffer from hip and cruciate ligament tears because it is challenging to carry around so many extra pounds. Animals that get so big they can’t ambulate leads to a poor quality of life, expensive vet bills and a shortened life span.fat-cat

Attempting to get a fat cat or dog back into shape doesn’t necessarily mean taking them on a 5 mile walk, though. Too much exercise for an overweight pet can exacerbate or create hip and ligament problems. Short bouts of a little exercise is ideal at the beginning, especially if your pet is not used to getting out and about. Calorie restriction should be well thought out also.

It can be dangerous for a cat to go hungry because the body will send stores of fat to the liver which will then be converted to glucose. But if there is too much fat in the liver then it can take over the healthy cells and cause hepatitis. It is important to gradually change a fat pet’s diet so they don’t suffer any ill-health effects.

There are many higher protein content pet foods that cost more than their fatty counterparts, but are better for your pet in the long run. The body uses these types of pet foods more efficiently and they need less of it. One great example is Innova dog food. Also, short stints of exercise several times a day is a good way to start shaving off those pounds.


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