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The New PetZip Mochi Pet Stroller

New from PetZip! The Mochi is a fashionable dog stroller that has a removable carrier. The main stroller is beige and the carrier is either beige or pink with polka dots on the sides. It has a zippered front door and a sunroof that also zips. Both can be retracted and secured open. Your dog may prefer to poke his head out of the door or the window and can do this comfortably.Mochi Pet Stroller

The carrier has ample space for one dog or two dogs that weigh under 22 pounds. Dimensions of the compartment are: 23″L x 14″W x 15″H. The carrier has a shoulder strap that can be attached and used to transfer your pet into the car, or into the vet’s office.

The stroller frame has a parent tray with two cup holders and a large storage basket. It has eva tires with the front wheel able to turn 360 degrees. The Mochi stroller is simple to maneuver and get through narrow store aisles or through busy city streets.Mochi Pet Stroller

Stylish is an understatement when referring to this pet stroller. PetZip has a history of designing attractive, high quality dog and cat strollers.

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Do They Hear What We Hear?

cropped-pug-dog-wallpaper.jpgHertz is a term used in audio to describe frequency or tone. It is also known as cycles per second and is abbreviated as Hz. A single Hertz is one wave cycle from crest to crest. Human hearing is sensitive to frequencies or tones ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hertz, or 20Hz to 20kHz. It is named after Heinrich Hertz, a German physicist. The term kHz means kiloHertz (thousands of Hertz) and mHz means megaHertz (millions of Hertz).

Examples: The electricity of an AC wall outlet is said to have a frequency of 60 Hertz as it cycles negative then positive 60 times each second. Sound is an oscillating wave, but it has a broad range of frequencies. A low-frequency sound (say 50 Hz) might sound like a low rumble, while a high frequency sound (say 12,000 Hz), might sound more like a “sizzle”. A person with normal hearing can hear up to about 20,000 Hz.cropped-yorkie-wallpaper.jpg

When puppies are born, they do  not hear until around the 21st day of life. When their hearing develops, dogs are more attuned to high frequency sounds (beyond 12,000Hz) and also very faint sounds, than are humans. The approximate range of hearing for dogs is 64hz-45,000Hz. A typical dog whistle frequency ranges from 16kHz-22kHz. Many dogs bark at vacuum cleaners because they can hear a high-pitched sound in the motor that humans do not hear.

Dogs with ears that stand up generally hear better than dogs that have floppy ears, especially when the perked ears can rotate in the direction of the sounds they hear. Also, dogs do lose their hearing as they age, much the same as humans do.

Keeping your dog healthy and doing your best to protect him from sudden sharp and loud noises will help preserve their keen sense of hearing.


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Getting a Taste of the Outdoors

My cat, Andy, is 9 years old but I’ve only had him 3 years. Andy is a red, long-haired, oh so loving feline who probably spent some time outdoors. Sadly, Andy had some troubles in his earlier 6 years because he’s blind in one eye and many of his teeth are missing. I’m not sure whether he was mistreated or whether he was struck by a car or some other object. Andy is definitely a cat who looks longingly, through the screen door, at the outdoors. He lets out a “meow” every so often, possibly protesting his indoor status.

I had never taken him for an outside adventure until taking him for a walk in a pet stroller. I’ve seen many outdoor cat enclosures that also look appealing, but I am more interested in getting some exercise myself.


It does seem that Andy’s spirits are up since going out for walks in his pet stroller. The bounce in his step might be attributed to the better weather, but I’ve seen him go into the stroller just to sit there. He seems to be happy feeling the breeze, listening to the birds and woodpeckers and sniffing the air. He lays down in one direction and then shifts and looks out the back window.SONY DSC

The particular stroller pictured above is the KittyWalk Original SUV. The KittyWalk strollers have a removable carrier, which is convenient when taking Andy to the vet. Andy has diabetes and so has frequent vet visits. The KittyWalk strollers use high quality fabrics and soft, scratch-resistant netting. It is an easy to assemble, durable and attractive pet stroller.


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New and Improved Solvit Houndabout II Trailers

Solvit Pet Products, based out of Arlington, Texas have been manufacturing products including bike trailers, ramps, lifting aids, car seats and cat play structures for 10 years.

One of their most popular items, the Houndabout Bike Trailer, has a brand new design. The frame is made of rust-proof aluminum, and the cabin has been redesigned so your dog will have better visibility and more “headroom”.011_Medium_HoundAbout_II_hero

Using a bicycle trailer to exercise with your pet eliminates any guilt you might have about enjoying the outdoors without your buddy! The trailer comes folded up and assembly is not labor intensive. The tow bar attaches to your rear axle and you’re ready to go. The medium trailer, with 16″ air-filled tires, is for pets up to 50 lbs and the large trailer, with 20″ air-filled tires, is for pets up to 110 lbs.021_Large_HoundAbout_II_hero

Both Houndabout II trailers can be converted to a stroller in about a minute. The aluminum stroller kit, consisting of a padded handlebar, swiveling front wheel, parking brake and cup holder, must be purchased separately from the bike trailer.

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Best Dog Bike Leashes

When you go out biking, you do not need to leave your dog at home. Bike leashes of the past left you worrying about whether your dog will get in the way of your tires and cause an accident. Pet Ego makes two dog bike leashes designed for a safe and fun outing with your pet.

The WalkyDog Bicycle Leash attaches to the seat post of your bike. It extends away from the bike, a maximum of 12 inches, and then your dog is able to run next to the bike, not into it.

The WalkyDog has an optional attachment for the rear axle of your bike. Dogs who are smaller might prefer the Low Rider.

The Cycleash is a brand  new product from Pet Ego. The Cycleash uses shockless TPR technology, basically a bungee cord, to ensure a comfortable ride for you and an enjoyable run for your dog. It is different from other bike leashes in that it has an ergonomic curved bar. You can actually ride with a dog on each side of your bike with the Cycleash, you would just need to purchase an extra bar.


It is recommended that you only use a bicycle leash for dogs that weigh over 20 pounds. Bike leashes are designed to accommodate the dog that pulls hard on a leash so that your ride continues on smoothly. You only need to clip the bike leash to your dog’s collar, but some dogs prefer being connected by way of a harness.

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