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The Bulldog vs Hot Weather

The Bulldog is one of the short-muzzled breeds that has an elongated soft palate. The soft palate, along with the hard palate, forms the roof of the mouth. It helps prevent food and liquids from getting into the nasal passages when swallowing. This flap hangs in the airway canal or falls into the larynx during inhalation. The result is noisy breathing, snorting and snoring. When these dogs get overheated, they tend to breathe more rapidly and the soft palate swells, causing them to gag in an effort to clear their airway.White-English-Bulldog-Types-of-Dogs

It is important not to over-exert a bulldog when the weather is hot. They prefer a more stationary lifestyle! If your bulldog does appear to be overheated, a cool, wet towel under his feet, or sponging off his body, is a good idea. A squirt of lemon juice in the mouth is helpful too.

Bulldogs are one of the most popular dogs to own. They have been voted the best family dog. In 2012, the American Kennel Club rated the English Bulldog in the top 6 of most popular dog breeds, a distinction they haven’t seen in the last 75 years. Bulldogs are owned by many celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler and Pink, which adds to their appeal. They are also the 3rd most popular team mascot for schools in America.

Who can resist the lovable, low-maintenance bulldog?

Pet strollers are a useful accessory for bulldogs when they tire or need to get cool. A variety of pet strollers for bulldogs can be found at:


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How Pets Can Reduce Loneliness

It is very common for people to experience periods of loneliness in life. Studies have shown that one-quarter of all adults experience painful loneliness every few weeks, and the incidence in adolescents and college students is even higher. Loneliness can be defined as:

  • Being alone and you don’t choose to be by yourself
  • Not having attachments that you may have had in the past
  • Finding yourself in an unfamiliar situation; like a new city or a new job
  • Feeling as though you have no one with which to share experiences or problems
  • Having a poor perception of yourself as not being capable of engaging in relationships with others


Clyde_The_BulldogFeeling lonely does not mean you have a flaw in your personality. It should not be viewed as a situation that cannot be changed. It is important to realize that you have some control over your level of loneliness.  Being socially connected is an important concept as it is central to a person’s overall sense of well-being. National studies have concluded that having a strong social connectedness (e.g. to a neighborhood or larger community) and healthy relationships, leads to a higher quality of life and a greater ability to contribute to the health of the community. Being socially isolated long-term can lead to mental and physical health problems.

Many people turn to pets when they feel lonely or isolated. Pets provide a sense of responsibility and purposefulness. Pets, especially dogs, encourage you to develop an exercise routine, which then leads to a greater chance of being social. Walking a dog invites other people to stop and pet your dog and then have a conversation with you. There is also a tremendous sense of comfort that comes with a pet relationship. Petting an animal has been proven to reduce stress levels in people, and to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Owning and taking care of a pet is one way to reduce feelings of loneliness.

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The New DoggyRide Novel10 Bike Trailer

DoggyRide is the invention of Matthys van Leeuwen in 2003. His products were inspired by his love of biking and exercising with his dog. His company has been developing market-leading dog bike trailers, dog joggers and dog strollers. DoggyRide has a presence in the Netherlands and the United States, with products being sold in eighteen different countries across the globe!

To celebrate ten years of being in business, DoggyRide created the limited edition, fully loaded Novel10 Bike Trailer. The Novel10 has a black frame and a Holland orange cabin.

Special items that are included are the cargo roof rack, in black, the luxury 2 inch dense foam pet mat, for a perfectly comfortable ride, and a kickstand. The kickstand is a wonderful accessory to have because it keeps the cabin from tipping when you are loading or unloading a larger dog. The Novel10 has a sunroof that can be unzipped, or you can choose to unzip the entire front door for those that like to stick out their heads! For added comfort, there is a thick head rest sewn into the front opening.

DoggyRide_Novel10_BikeTrailerdr novel10 back


dr novel10 kick










The Novel10 has a 110 pound weight limit, which includes whatever you might want to carry on the cargo rack. The cabin can be used as a crate or a tent. The cabin has legs, that are removable, for stability. The side walls are reinforced with removable bars. This helps prevent your dog from leaning into rotating wheels.  The matte black frame is made of a lightweight, anti-rust aluminum alloy. You won’t find a more luxurious ride for your dog than the DoggyRide Novel10.


This product is available at

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KittyWalk Original SUV Stroller Review

The Kittywalk Systems Company was born in 2001 and their first product was a lawn enclosure for cats. They have since created strollers, many more outdoor enclosures and indoor pet products. Their products have been featured in the New York Times, on CBS News and the Today show, to name a few, and they are located in New York.Original SUV Pet Stroller

The Original Stripe was their first pet stroller and they later created a “Sport Utility Vehicle” version of this stroller as well as three others in their pet stroller line. The SUV strollers are 30% larger than their counterparts, with the Original SUV carrier compartment measuring 31”L x 16”W x 20”H.

The Kittywalk Original SUV arrives in one box and does have a moderate level of assembly required. You need to attach the rear axle and the front wheels, but also insert the rods for the cabin. The cabin itself fits right on top of the bottom sling of the stroller frame and then you just need to attach two bungee cords to secure the cabin to the frame. Unless you have a pet that is going to throw itself all over the cabin, you shouldn’t have a problem with the cabin moving off of the frame. The frame folds down quite quickly, but the cabin requires a little more work. The cabin carrier is removable from the frame. This is convenient for times you just want to carry your pet, like into the car and to the vet.

The cabin is half covered in a colorful, but not too bright, striped green, red, blue and yellow fabric. This is nice when your pet wants to get out of the sun. In my case, a dog barked at my cat and he decided to hide in the covered half of the cabin for awhile. The other half has a web-style soft fabric that allows your pet to see all around. It could be a problem if your cat or dog likes to scratch at the webbing, but it appears to be strong enough to sustain some clawing.

The front and back doors have a metal and leather clasp securing it. This is more convenient than utilizing a zipper system.Original SUV Pet Stroller

This stroller has independently turning, 8-inch, wheels that make it very easy to push. This is a sturdy pet stroller and the craftsmanship is commendable.  The stroller handle is 36 inches high, which certainly is a comfortable pushing height. However, if you are taller than six feet then this handle height may be a little short for you. Kittywalk recommends that a pet weighing more than 50 pounds shouldn’t ride in this stroller. My cat is 19 pounds and I could certainly see carrying a pet that weighs at least twice as much as him in this stroller. Overall, this is a well-designed pet stroller that leads to a very pleasing experience for the pets who ride in it.


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Save Your Spine and Roll Your Pet

The American Chiropractic Association advises us not to carry a bag that weighs more than 10% of our body weight. That means if you weigh 150 lbs, then your bag shouldn’t weigh more than 15 lbs. The problem these days is that people, especially women, carry larger and larger shoulder bags to accommodate their ever-increasing list of must-haves including cell-phone, laptop, make-up, chargers and don’t forget pets. Carrying a bag that weighs more than 10% of your body weight causes unnatural movements of your upper and lower body, causing strain and possibly pain.

PetZip Royal Stripe City Buggy
PetZip Royal Stripe City Buggy

Many people are choosing not to worry about fashion and are using backpacks and wheeled carriers to transport their items from place to place. However, backpacks are only a solution if your wear both straps and secure the pack snugly to your back.

When it comes to carrying pets, the shoulder bag is the most commonly seen mode of transport, but carrying your furry friend all day can get uncomfortable for you and for your dog. Modern pet strollers and wheeled carriers are now fashionable as well as functional. Your dog has more room to stretch out, lie down and turn around in a pet stroller, than he or she does in a shoulder carrier. Many pet strollers have removable carriers so your dog can easily be moved to the car, the vet or the airplane.

PetEgo Sport Trike Stroller
PetEgo Sport Trike Stroller

Lighten the unbalanced load on your back and neck and invest in a pet stroller or wheeled carrier for your favorite little buddy. Keeping your muscles and spine healthy is one key part to remaining active and pain-free.


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