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Comparing Two Bike Trailers for Large Dogs

A bike trailer is a great way to take your dog along with you on your workout. Dog bike trailers will easily attach to just about any bicycle frame on the market. There are bike trailers for the very large dog and also more compact trailers for the little dog.

PetEgo Comfort Wagon
PetEgo Comfort Wagon

Two companies that make bike trailers for the dog over 100lbs are DoggyRide and PetEgo. They have many similar features, but also a few that separate them. Specifically, we’ll look at the DoggyRide Novel and Original trailers and the Comfort Wagon medium and large trailers.

DoggyRide Novel
DoggyRide Novel

How they are the same:

  • The Novel and the Comfort Wagon both have lightweight, aluminum frames, with the Novel weighing 30lbs (the Original is 38lbs, but does not have an aluminum frame) and the Comfort Wagon weighing 38lbs (39.5lbs for the large size).
  • Both cabins can function as a pet crate in addition to a trailer.
  • Both carry pets weighing more than 100lbs (Novel and Original max at 11olbs, while Comfort Wagon can carry up to 165lbs.
  • Both can be converted to a pet stroller with the purchase of a stroller kit

Features of the DoggyRide Novel Trailer:

  • Cabin size:  31.5″L x 21″W x 25.5″H
  • Includes rain cover and leash set for two dogs
  • Wheels are 20″ push-release, air-filled tires (larger tires enable a smooth ride)
  • Head rest inside the cabin
  • Available in two colors (Original only comes in Red)
Doggyride Novel
Doggyride Novel

Features of the PetEgo Comfort Wagon:

  • Cabin size: Medium (34″L x 18″W x 22″H); Large (35″L x 26″W x 24″H)
  • Four door entry options with zippered sides
  • Durable, claw-proof mesh
  • Removable sunroof
  • Waterproof cabin floor
  • Strong suspension for smooth ride
  • 16″ air-filled tires



Both of these companies make quality pet bike trailers that will be sure to meet your expectations. Your decision is about the features that are most important to you and your best friend.

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Walking More Than One Dog

Whether you have more than one dog, or take care of someone else’s, walking multiple dogs can be challenging. If you have two or three smaller dogs, the leash connecter allowing you to use just one leash makes the job easier. The problems lie in walking dogs of different sizes, with the smaller dogs obviously not being able to go the same distance as the bigger dogs.45-dog-walker-leash-DT-425km071411

For example, if you have a Lab who likes to run 5 miles, but also a Yorkie who simply can’t even walk that far, what do you do? Some people actually carry the small dog while letting the bigger dog get in his exercise. Others enlist the service of a pet stroller, and the last option is to leave the small dog at home.

A pet stroller is a simple solution to make sure the smaller dog doesn’t feel left out. Perhaps you have three dogs of similar size, but one just doesn’t feel like going the distance that day. A pet stroller gives that pup a rest while his buddies carry and stroller


One thing to keep in mind when choosing a pet stroller for walking multiple dogs is the wheel size of the stroller. Larger wheels are a better choice because the stroller will be easier to control with other walking dogs at your side. If possible, choosing a pet stroller with one center wheel may also make steering the stroller easier. Good examples of strollers with one center wheel are the Pet Gear No-Zip NV and Special Edition strollers.

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Farting Dogs

Certainly all dogs have the capability of passing gas, and this can be due to one of several circumstances. First, your dog might be eating too many table scraps. Or, he might just be swallowing too much air when he eats. It’s also possible he might have trouble digesting carbohydrates.

It’s quite enjoyable to blame any foul smell on the dog, but sometimes it is true! After polling a multitude of friends, acquaintances and relatives, plus consulting several web sources, the following dog breeds have been found to fart the most:dog farting



1. Watchful and oh, so loyal, the German Shepherd feels free to let them fly whenever and wherever!

2. Intelligent and perfect family dogs, the short-snouted Pug regularly makes stinks.

3. The playful and energetic Boxer can clear a room in a heartbeat.

4. The Bulldog, oh, the Bulldog. Very gassy.

5. The Labrador Retriever is a well-known gas-bag. They need plenty of exercise and possibly a change in diet if this seems to be a problem for your Lab.


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