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New! Gen7Pets Jogger Pet Stroller

The long-awaited Gen7Pets Jogger Pet Stroller is here! This pet stroller is packed with all the Smart Features Gen7Pets has to offer for their strollers. Gen7Pets is well-known for creating stroller “Smart Features” based on customer feedback.


  • The Smart-Canopy™ mesh opens up and out-of-the-way giving your pet more space when opened, unlike other strollers that open down into the compartment area
  • The Smart-Wheels™ never run flat and the front wheel has ball bearings for the smoothest ride
  • The Smart-Basket™ is enclosed with a rear zipper to safely secure belongings while still providing easy access
  • The Smart-Reach™ handle ergonomically provides more kick space when pushing the stroller resulting in a more comfortable pace when walking. The stroller has a 41″ height to handle distance
  • The Smart-Fold™ Mechanism conveniently allows you to fold the stroller from the handle



The Gen7 Jogger can hold up to 75 pounds of pet and has 2 tethers, allowing for the possibility of carrying two dogs or pets inside the cabin. The Jogger has a reversible and washable interior comfort pad and easy pet access from the rear zippered door. The large interior cabin: 22″ H x 14″ W x 26″ D is another reason to consider carrying two pets. Weighing just 24 pounds, this pet stroller can easily be folded and lifted into the trunk of your car, or a storage space in  you home.

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Are Dogs Smarter Than Cats?

smart-dog-Top-of-the-class_myZXT_rPeople have been arguing for many years over whether dogs are smarter than cats and vice versa. It’s difficult to compare two species when they were created to excel in different areas. Cats are more adept at manipulating objects with their paws, while dogs are more mobile and able to quickly move from one place to another. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

In the 1970’s, an alternative measure of animal intelligence was created by a psychologist named Harry J Jerison. He called it the Encephalization Quotient, or EQ. It is a sophisticated mathematical comparison of the actual brain weight of an animal compared to the expected brain mass for that animal’s body size. This reconciles for the fact that bigger animals tend to have bigger brains and moves the question to one of whether the animal has a larger or smaller brain size than what we would expect for an animal with its body mass.

So, if we go by the EQ, the smartest animals on the planet are humans, followed by great apes, porpoises and elephants. Dogs are not too far behind elephants, while cats, horses, sheep and mice fall much farther down the list.


The degree of socialness is also an important factor when considering the intelligence of an animal. Animals that live in social groups are more intelligent than animals who live alone. The main reason for this is that animals have to engage in problem-solving behavior when they are interacting in groups. We know that dogs are much more social than cats and dogs must engage in more complex behaviors than do cats.

More recent research done by Suzanne Shultz and Robin Dunbar at Oxford University suggests that the intelligence in dogs has grown even greater since its domestication. As pets, dogs must learn a whole new set of demands when learning to interact with humans. This may suggest that dogs will just continue to increase the intelligence gap between themselves and cats.


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Take Your Dog To Work

There are so many benefits to owning a dog, including feeling less stress, having a deep sense of responsibility and being unconditionally loved. Many of us leave our dogs at home for 8 or more hours each day. We miss them and they are lonely. So, it seems to make a lot of sense that having your dog with you throughout your work day would be nothing but beneficial.

It is likely that companies where pets are allowed have workers with lower levels of stress. If stress levels are lower, chances are workers are more productive.Dog-at-Work

Having a dog at the office probably means you are getting out a few times during the day to take your dog for a walk. Walking promotes the general health of the worker as well as the pet. A healthier worker may mean fewer missed days and higher

Companies such as Google, Amazon and Ben and Jerry’s have allowed workers to bring their pets to the office for years. They believe that people work together better when a pet is present. Pets, especially dogs, have the ability to bring about conversation and create a positive work environment.


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Snoozer Roll Around Pet Carrier

The best-selling Snoozer Roll Around Pet Carrier is popular for good reasons. It has four ways it can be used to safely transport your beloved pet. First, with the telescoping handle, pull your pet through the airport without straining your spine. The small and medium Roll Around models meet most airline standards for carry-on baggage and fit beneath the seat in front of you. However, be sure to check with your airline before traveling with your pet.Roll Around

Second, use the Roll Around as a backpack. Padded backpack straps are located in the rear storage pocket. You just need to attach them to the carrier and off you go.roll around carrier

The third way to use this pet carrier is as a car seat. Thread the seat belt through the straps on the rear of the Roll Around and your pet will be secure in the back seat of the car. The Roll Around has been crash tested, with all zippers closed, at 30 mph (with 30 lbs inside).

snoozer roll aroundFinally, use the Snoozer Roll Around as a pet bed. You just need to unzip the top and bottom mesh panels and secure them to the center support bar. Then lay the carrier on its back.The Roll Around comes in three different sizes and is able to carry pets up to 30 pounds. You can choose from three colors: Red, Khaki or Black. Snoozer products are available at: