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Comparing Three Pet Bike Baskets

Taking your dog along with you on your bike ride ensures a good time for both dog and owner. Choosing the right pet bike basket is key. You need to make sure you pick one that will fit on your bicycle and that is the right size for your pet. I picked three different pet bike baskets to examine. One or more may be appealing and suit your needs just perfectly.

The DoggyRide Cocoon Pet Basket was recently redesigned and is now stronger and more sturdy than before. It is made of 70 denier polyester, which makes it easy to clean with a wet cloth. You can choose to close the mesh dome, or keep it open, and there is a plastic cover included for rainy days. The cocoon pet basket easily attaches to the bike handlebar using the KLICKfix adapter (included). The KLICKfix fits onto handlebars that are between 22 and 26mm (.87-1.02 inches) in diameter. Attach the shoulder strap to the Cocoon to use it as a pet carrier. Purchase an additional tether and the Cocoon can be used as a pet car seat. The Cocoon pet basket comes in Green or Red and can hold up to 15 pounds. The dimensions of the Cocoon are: 15″H x 14.5″L x 10″W



Snoozer makes the Pet Rider pet bike basket which is a carrier that fits onto the rear of the bicycle. You will need to have a rear bike rack in order to attach the Pet Rider to your bike. The Pet Rider has a removable quilted cover that is washable. The interior has a cozy fleece lining and a 3-point safety strap. A reflective strip is sewn into the cover for added safety. This pet bike basket can carry up to 24 pounds and measures: 19″L x 16″W x 10″H


Solvit makes the stylish Tagalong Wicker Pet Bike Basket, which is made of a synthetic rattan material. It has a removable sun shade and a washable sheepskin liner. In the pet basket is an adjustable safety leash and plenty of room for your pet up to 13 pounds. The Tagalong bike basket measures: 15″L x 11″W x 9.5″H. The Tagalong attaches to the bike handlebar with a 3-way adjustable bracket that fits onto any bicycle. The bike basket releases from the bracket easily, with one hand.



You can find these pet bike baskets, as well as others at

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All About The Pet Ego Sport Trike Stroller

sport trike5Pet Ego,based out of Chicago, IL, makes high quality products to meet the needs of your pet. The Sport Trike Stroller (STS) is an exceptional product because of its versatility. The sturdy, three-wheeled design promotes stability when walking, jogging or running. The handle is adjustable to accommodate people of different heights. Handle height is important because you want to have enough “kick” room when walking or running behind a stroller. Kicking the tires is not fun. The maximum handle height for the STS is 37 inches.

The frame of the STS is grey and made of aluminum. The frame, with the wheels, weighs 19 pounds. The wheels are easy to detach for storage in a tight space. Otherwise the stroller has a quick release button to collapse for transport and storage.pet_ego-sport_trike_stroller_collapsible_pet_stroller-sts-5

The STS frame can be used with the Sport Wagon Bag, the Universal Sport Bag or the Jet Set Carrier.  Each carrier has a sturdy, supportive bottom panel and adjustable straps to fit it onto the Sport Trike Stroller frame. Each can carry a maximum of 20 pounds. The carriers are airline trike1

The Sport Wagon Bag is one of Petego’s sportiest and safest pet carriers. It can be opened or closed from inside with an easy Velcro lock and it has large pockets all the way around. The SWB has a wide top opening, safety leash and honeycomb polypropylene bottom panel that was designed for the safety and comfort of your pet. The Sport Wagon Bag comes with a comfort pillow.STS_SWB06

The Sport Wagon Bag, Universal Sport Bag and Jet Set Carrier can all be used as car seats. This is handy if you need to travel by car to get to your strolling destination.

The PetEgo Sport Trike Stroller can be found at

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A Dog’s Advice to People

small-dog-stockHave you ever wondered what your dog is thinking? I often look at my dogs who lie stretched out, snoring, on the couch and think, “what a life.” On days when I’m running around like a crazy person, driving kids here and there or stressing out about getting things done on time, I’m betting my dogs just think: “Slow down, it’s really okay.”


  • Relax a little! Dogs do give off the relaxation vibe that we would all truly benefit from if we tried it. Taking on tasks or challenges as they come, rather than letting yourself get overwhelmed.
  • Sleep some more. Wow, if we could only take as many naps as the dog!


  • Treat people with kindness. Your dog has unconditional love for you and is always happy to see you. We are often presented with situations and people who make us angry, but figuring out how to keep it all in perspective can be an art form!dogstogether


  • Give that person who scorned you a second chance. Don’t hold a grudge. Dogs have short-term memories, they are always willing to forgive and move on.


  • You are never too old to play. We don’t have that much time on this earth, so live it up!dog-playing-and-catching-a-frisbee-hd-animal-wallpaper-dogs

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