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4 Dog Idioms

happy-dogMy son said to me the other day, “I’m as sick as a dog” while someone else commented that it was “raining cats and dogs.”  These idioms are a part of everyday conversation and I thought I’d look into some of them a little further.

Every dog has its day

John Heywood recorded this proverb in the 1562 edition of Proverbs and Epigrams and Shakespeare used it in Hamlet, 1603:

Let Hercules himself do what he may,
The cat will mew and dog will have his day.

This phrase implies that every person would have a period of power or influence in life.

As sick as a dog

This one reminds me of my own dog, who used to go out into our compost pile and have a feast. We didn’t know what he was doing until he started coming into the house and throwing up a few nights in a row! Dogs do often eat anything they can find and it doesn’t always agree with their system. This phrase dates back to the 17th century. Oh, and my son was definitely as sick as a dog!

Lead a dog’s life

Long ago, dogs were not considered to be the beloved family members they are now. To lead a dog’s life meant you had a miserable existence. More recently, we like to use the phrase when we are sure someone has the ideal life. Dogs lie around, take frequent naps, get served their food and go outside for some exercise everyday.

It’s raining cats and dogs

There isn’t any clear documentation on the origin of this phrase. One popular theory is that thunderstorms create havoc, and are loud and furious. Animals falling from the sky may have just been compared to these fierce storms for nonsensical humor value.

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How To Measure Your Pet For a Carrier

Most pet carriers that have wheels are soft-sided. They also have mesh ventilation which makes it easy for your pet to be able to see around him, to get fresh air and also to breathe comfortably.

Sherpa Pet Ultimate on Wheels
Sherpa Pet Ultimate on Wheels


To determine the minimum length and height requirement of the carrier you should choose, be sure to measure your pet. Measure from the floor to the top of your pet’s shoulder for his height. The length will be a measurement from your pet’s neck to the base of the tail. Add 2-3 inches in each direction so you’re sure your pet is able to turn around inside the carrier.sherpa-sizing-chart


Snoozer RollAround

Similar to strollers, the weight limit stated is only a guide. You certainly do not want to purchase a carrier that isn’t capable of supporting your pet’s weight. It is wise to choose a pet carrier that is able to hold about 5 more pounds than your dog weighs.


For example, a Shih Tzu that weighs 12 lbs, and measures 14″ long and 9″ high will fit comfortably in a Pet Gear World Traveler with Wheels, large size. He will also be happy in a medium Sherpa Pet carrier with wheels, and the Snoozer Roll Around, to name a few.


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Pet Strollers that Ride Close to the Ground

There are several reasons you might want a pet stroller that rides close to the ground. These strollers, and bike trailers, are often designed to carry a large dog, more than 75 pounds. The most popular breed of larger dog that strollers are bought for are bulldogs!

  1. Larger pets can be harder to push or pull in a pet vehicle and it is easier to steer the vehicle when it sits closer to the ground.
  2. Larger pets also tend to shift positions inside the cabin making it more difficult to keep the pet stroller from veering off to one side or the other. Pet strollers designed to carry heavier dogs have reinforced cabins so that veering is kept to a minimum. Doggyride makes a jogger-stroller that has a wheel alignment system, which does a great job of keeping the stroller from veering.
  3. Many times people purchase a pet stroller for their larger dog who is no longer able to exercise as much, or has been injured. Cabins that sit closer to the ground make it easier for the larger pet to get inside. Many times the larger pet feels more comfortable in a moving stroller that has a lower point of gravity.drjog

DoggyRide is a top-rated pet stroller company that caters to the larger pet. The Novel and Original strollers will carry pets up to 100 pounds. They offer the standard stroller, the Original, and more lightweight version, the Novel. Each of these strollers also comes in the jogger-stroller version, with the wheel alignment system.

Pet Gear has two low-riding pet strollers, the Expedition (up to 150lbs) and the Roadster (up to 100lbs). The Expedition is popular because it travels on 4 wheels, fully balancing a larger dog that may decide to shift positions inside the cabin.PG8800-Expedition-Pet-Stroller-Dog

Pet Ego has the Comfort Wagon bike trailer that can be converted to a pet stroller with the optional strolling kit. This is a luxury wagon with its large, air-filled tires and its ability to carry up to 165lbs.

Solvit Products also makes a medium and a large Houndabout bike trailer. Each of these trailers can be converted to a stroller with the optional kit. These trailers can carry up to 110lbs and were recently redesigned with aluminum frames.Solvit_Trackr_Houndabout_2_Stroller_Kit-Red_1 carries a wide variety of pet strollers

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5 Mistakes Made By Pet Owners

dogbegJust like children, pet behavior is generally a reflection of how we parent. If we have badly behaved pets, it doesn’t mean we are bad parents. A behavior that bothers one person, doesn’t seem to be a problem to others.  It seems that there are some behaviors many people agree are not desirable.




  1. Jumping. This is usually not well-liked by visitors because your pet’s paws may be dirty, the person may not like to interact with dogs, or their nails may scratch the person’s leg.
  2. You feed your pet too much. Many pet parents see giving their pets table scraps or lots of “special treats” as a sign of love. We think we are doing the pet a favor by feeding them too much food, or too many treats. The truth is that pet obesity is just as much of a problem as person obesity and we need to get eating under control. Moderation is a good idea.
  3. You picked a breed of dog that is incompatible with your lifestyle. If you live in a small apartment, an Australian Shepherd probably isn’t the best choice. They need a lot of exercise and don’t like to be cooped up all day. Or, if you are very active and like to take your dog on long hikes or runs, then a Chihuahua may not be the best choice for you.dogcrate
  4. You misuse the dog crate. A crate can be a fabulous training tool, especially when your dog is young or new to your house. Some people use the crate as a place of punishment and the dog is fearful of it. The crate should be a safe and comfortable place.
  5. Begging. This is a learned behavior. If you only feed your dog scraps or special treats in their dog bowl, it is less likely that they will stand beside you and beg. It is annoying to be eating at the dinner table and hot panting breath is on your leg, waiting for a little something from the table.

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