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What Is Your Dog Trying To Tell You?

There are a few behaviors demonstrated by dogs that lead you to think you know exactly what they mean. The truth is that, unless you really know the dog, it is often difficult to determine what some behaviors indicate.bad dog

  • Tail wagging means the dog is happy. Pay attention to the type of tail wag before interpreting the meaning. A slow back-and-forth wag may mean the dog is anxious and unsure about you.  Wild wagging with a tail that is winding around in circles generally means the dog is feeling pretty good!
  • If a dog lies on his back, he wants a belly rub. This may be true for many dogs, but for some it means that he’s nervous and wants to be left alone.
  • Punishing a dog for bad behavior. It is generally not effective to hit or shout at a dog when he is too wound up, has an accident or is growling at someone. This only instills fear in a dog. You are encouraged to calm the dog down and/or try to reinforce other good behaviors.
  • Sometimes we look at a dog that is calm as being a great personality characteristic. For example, the shelter dog who quietly sits in the corner and doesn’t make a fuss. If a dog you do not know is very calm, this may mean he is an unpredictable dog. Sometimes this means a dog is overwhelmed with distress.
  • Dogs almost always show some sign of distress before attacking someone. This sign may not be immediately apparent, like the dog takes a step away or pulls his head away. More obvious signs would be teeth baring, flattened ears or growling.


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My Cat Wants To Go Outside

There are many negatives to allowing your cat to roam freely outdoors:

  • Your cat might get injured or killed by other cats, dogs, wild animals or vehicles.
  • Your cat might become a nuisance to neighbors by digging up plants, fighting with other animals or going to the bathroom in gardens.
  • If your cat is not spayed or neutered then it is likely that a lot of kittens will be born and end up in shelters.

Many cats do long to go outside, but this is generally frowned upon by most animal behaviorists. A simple solution to getting your cat some fresh air is to get a pet stroller.kwps700suv_1


KittyWalk is a company that specifically created pet strollers for cats. Each of the strollers in their line has a removable pet carrier. Having a detachable carrier is convenient for trips to the vet. You won’t have to take your cat out of the carrier until you return home from your trip.

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Will My Pet Stroller Fit In My Car?

Whether or not a particular pet stroller will fit in your car is a question I often hear. There are several things to consider:

  1. The size of the car
  2. Whether the car is a hatchback or sedan
  3. Whether or not one or both rear seats will fold down if needed
  4. Whether or not one or more wheels can be taken off the stroller to fit more easily

It’s easy to see that the small pet strollers, like the Pet Gear Happy Trails, the PetZip Walkie, and the Gen7Pets Cruiser will fit into the trunk, or the back of most cars, but what about the DoggyRide Novel Jog Stroller, the Gen7Pets Jogger or the Kittywalk Royale SUV?

The larger strollers and the jogger strollers will still fit into most car trunks, in the back seat, or in the trunk with a back seat folded down. The DoggyRide strollers and bike trailers have quick-release rear wheels that can easily be taken off to fit into a smaller car.

The folded dimensions of the Doggyride Novel and Original strollers are: 31.5″L x 21″W x 4″H.  The trunk of a Nissan Altima, a mid-sized sedan, measures approximately, 50″W x 38″D x 22″H.

Cabin without wheels in car
Cabin without wheels in car

The Gen7Pets Jogger stroller has a front wheel that easily comes off if you find you need the stroller to be a little smaller when folded.  This stroller is about 40 inches long, 23 inches wide and 5 inches tall when folded.


The Kittywalk strollers have a removable carrier. The carrier can quickly be taken off by releasing the two bungee cords holding it to the base. Then you are left with the frame, which folds to be 33″L x 24″W x 12″H. The Kittywalk strollers will fit into just about any vehicle.



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Comparing 3 Pet Gear Strollers

Even though you have a small pet, you may still want a pet stroller that has extra room for your little buddy. Pet Gear makes a variety of strollers for small pets and it can be difficult to make a decision. We’ll look at three of them here: Happy Trails, Special Edition and the AT3.


Happy Trails

  • 4 color options: Sage, Blue, Pink and Brown
  • Holds 30 pounds; 24 inch long cabin
  • 4 small wheels; front wheels swivel
  • Easy to open and collapse
  • Mesh zippers all the way over the cabin
  • Comes in a No-Zip style; with a paw rest and a clasp front entry


Special Edition

  • Three colors to choose from: Blueberry, Raspberry and Sage
  • Holds up to 45 pounds with a 26 inch long cabin
  • Has 3 wheels and front wheel can lock or swivel
  • Easy to open and collapse
  • Mesh zippers all the way over the front of the cabin
  • Comes in a No-Zip style; with a paw rest and a clasp front entry


AT3 Jogger

  • 2 colors: Blue and Red
  • Holds up to 60 pounds; 30.5 inch long cabin
  • 12 inch wheels; EVA foam-filled
  • Three wheeled jogging stroller; front wheel can lock or swivel
  • Front and rear zippered entry


If you have a pet that weighs less than 30 pounds, you might be very happy with any of the three above strollers. Measure the length and shoulder height of your pet to help determine what size cabin would make him or her most comfortable.


Pet Gear strollers are available at