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KittyWalk Stroller Weather Cover

Kittywalk pet strollers are in a class of their own. Each of the pet strollers in their fleet has a removable carrier. The carriers do not have zippers, they have a metal and leather clasp system that they call “escape-proof.”  The stroller frames are sturdy but not too heavy. The carriers also function as a car seat. The soft mesh on the cabins give your pet perfect views of the outdoors. If your pet likes a little privacy, however, her/she can head to the rear of the stroller where it is covered.


Kittywalk also boasts an uncommon feature for some of their strollers, a weather cover. This is just not simply a weather cover, this is an all-season weather protector!

For rainy days, the waterproof rain cover will protect your pet. For sunny/hot days, the canvas sunshade awning is your solution. And for chilly fall and winter days, the cozy faux sheepskin cozy cover and pad will insulate your pet.

kwpsaw79_1 carriers a variety of Pet Strollers.

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Biking With Your Buddy

Owning a small dog has many benefits. One of the best perks is that he/she can go almost anywhere with you. If you are an active person, then sharing the experience with your little buddy makes it more enjoyable.

PetEgo XPack
PetEgo XPack

Pet Carriers that have multiple uses are an easy solution to how to bring along your small dog. Whether you are walking around the neighborhood, biking on the beach or hiking up a mountain, using a carrier that keeps your hands free and your back balanced is a good choice.

Kyjen Front Carrier
Kyjen Front Carrier

Many pet carriers can be used as a car seat and shoulder carrier, but there are others that can also be used as a backpack or front pack carrier. Pet Ego makes the XPack and the Marsupack carriers that fit comfortably on your back. Kyjen also makes a backpack and a front carrier for pets under 20 pounds.


Find these and other bike carriers at

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The DoggyRide Cocoon

dr3The New and Improved DoggyRide Cocoon will be back in stock very soon. This multi-functional carrier has proven to be a favorite among pet owners.

If you choose to buy the Cocoon as a pet bike basket, the basket comes with a KLICKfix adapter for standard size handle bars (.87-1.02 inches). If you have a non-standard size handle bars, has other adapters and accessories available on their site. The pet bike basket also has a long carry strap that means you can use the Cocoon as a shoulder bag and a mesh dome.


If you choose to buy the Cocoon as a Car Seat, the basket has a leash set that comes with it to tether your dog inside. The car seat also comes with a shoulder strap and a mesh dome. If you want the Cocoon to be more of a booster seat for your pet, an additional leash set must be purchased. Then you can secure the basket around the headrest of your car.


The DoggyRide Cocoon will carry up to 15 pounds of dog or perhaps you might use it to carry groceries or other non-pet items.dr4