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Will My Pet Get Sunburn?

A sunburn on a cat or dog doesn’t seem likely to happen, but it is possible. Pets that have thin fur, light-colored fur, and sensitive areas like the nose, ears and around the mouth are at risk. Along the same lines, hot pavement may cause burns to paw pads and it’s wise to be cautious regarding how much exposure your pet has to pavement on a sunny and hot day.

sunburned mouth
sunburned mouth

Basically, it seems that awareness is called for and making sure your animal doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable on his walk or run in the sun. Shade-covered trails or roads are ideal, otherwise getting out before 10 or after 4 is a good idea.

There is sunscreen especially for pets, for example, GNC and Doggles each make a product. Sunscreen for humans may not be safe for animals, in case they should try to lick it off.

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Keeping Seniors Fit and Dogs Happy

senior-pet-dogA study done in Scotland was recently published in the Journal of Preventative Medicine. The study assessed the mental and physical well-being of 547 pensioners, folks over the age of 65, with an average age of 79 from the Scottish city of Dundee and the surrounding area. Among the sample, nine percent or about 50 people owned a dog. Of those, about 75 percent said they walked their dog regularly.
There are many studies that talk about the benefits of pet ownership, namely the positive effects on health, but this study is the first that looked at people specifically over the age of 65.
As you might imagine, people who own, or even those who simply walk, a dog experience lower heart rates and blood pressure, better general health and report less anxiety and depression.

A popular topic of study is late-life depression.  Research findings show there is a high percentage of loneliness, depression and isolation among the older population. While there are several factors that contribute to this, like medical problems and death of family and friends, there are some strategies to try to reduce the prevalence of depression.

This Scotland study suggests that an older person doesn’t necessarily need to own a dog, but just needs to find one to walk. Should they “borrow” a dog every day? Should they be a part of a “dog share” program with other seniors? What if they are part of a group of dog walkers and walk the dogs of working folks in their communities?


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Dogtra StarWalk Activity Tracker

You already know about the many different fitness tracking devices for people, and now there is one for your dog! The Dogtra IQ StarWalk is a motivator for you to get your dog (and yourself) to be more active. The Starwalk measures:

  • Total Steps
  • Calories Burned
  • Active Time
  • Activity Type
  • Distance Traveled
  • Temperature

starwalkYou can set goals for your dog each day and keep track of the goals through the App you download onto your phone.  The Starwalk is a small star-shaped device that runs on a rechargeable, Lithium-Ion battery and fits comfortably onto the collar of your dog. It is compatible with many Smart phones.

Maybe you want to set alerts to remind you, or whoever may be caring for your dog, to give medication, or that a play date time is approaching. The Starwalk has six lights that are customizable to meet your needs. The light or lights will flash when an alert has been set. You will also receive a notification on your phone, so it is almost like your dog is texting you!

The activity levels that the Starwalk measures includes activity by rest, walk and play. Rest means little to no activity, walk is a moderate-paced movement, and play is intense activity. Your dog’s data is represented in 2-hour increments. You can view all the data by day, month, or year.

The Dogtra Starwalk is an exciting new way to get motivated to be more active and fit with your dog!


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Cabin Sizes for Jogger Pet Strollers

It’s important to pay attention to the INSIDE dimensions when considering a pet stroller purchase. For many pet strollers, you can find the outside dimensions and the folded dimensions, but you also really want to know how much room is inside the cabin.

If you are planning to buy a pet strollers that is much larger than your dog, then you don’t need to worry too much about it. However, if you are coming close to the weight recommendation or have more than one pet that will go inside, all dimensions are important.

Will your pet sit, lie down or stand inside the cabin? Well, that can be difficult to predict. For larger dogs, it is often the case that they will lie down in the cabin. Lying down may give a bigger dog a greater sense of stability. Cabins such as the DoggyRide Novel or Original, PetEgo Comfort Wagon and the Solvit Houndabout were designed for the large dog to either sit, stand or lie down, comfortably.

Medium-sized animals have more options for jogger strollers. For example, a 60 pound Basset Hound (24″ Long and 14″ Tall) will comfortably fit into: The Pet Gear Jogger or NV Strollers  (30″L x 13″W x 22″H), the Gen7Pets Jogger (26″L x 14″W x 22″H), The PetZip Happy Trailer (28″L x 17″W x 24″H) or any of the pet strollers for large animals.

pzhappy blue3



An American Bulldog that stands 13 inches tall, 26 inches long and weighs about 55 pounds could choose the Pet Gear Jogger, NV or AT3, the PetZip Happy Trailer or any of the big dog strollers. The bulldog has a longer body so it will be important to decide whether or not he will likely ride in the sitting position, or whether he is a dog that would rather lie down. He will be more comfortable lying down in one of the big dog strollers.

Smaller dogs often like to ride high off the ground so they can see the world better. So, they might be a happier in the Gen7Pets Jogger, any of the Pet Gear Joggers, or the PetZip Happy Trailer.