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PetEgo Pet At Work Carrier

PetEgo makes a backpack style carrier that suits the needs of people who like to be on the move with their small pet. What makes this carrier different from others is that it has a compartment for your laptop or tablet, space for a foldable pet house that is included with the carrier, and of course a space for your pet.


The Petego pet at work comes in two different sizes, small and regular, and can carry a pet up to 13 pounds. The regular size carrier measures 15 inches wide and 16 inches high. There are three potential lengths for the carrier, depending on how much you put inside. With one compartment expanded, the length is 9 inches, with two compartments open, the length is 13 inches and fully expanded makes the carrier 16 inches long.

The foldable pet dome is a cozy safe place for your pet in times when he can’t roam around unattended.  The dome is nearly three feet long, and 14 inches wide and high. It also has a soft, cushioned pad for the bottom.

pet dome

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Why Do Cats Knead?

happy-kneading-catIn the wild, cats demonstrate many behaviors that we might not expect to see in a domesticated cat. However, our special felines rely on instincts regardless of where they live. Kneading is one of those behaviors we often look at and wonder what it is that leads them to do this.

In the wild, cats might knead to create a bed for themselves and their family. They push down branches and grass to create a comfortable resting spot. Pet cats may also be doing this, but they are more likely just looking for a nice resting spot on your belly.

When kittens knead, they are often trying to get more milk out of their mothers. By pushing the mother’s belly, they can generate more milk for themselves.

Some people say cats knead areas they wish to mark with their scent. There are scent glands in their paw pads. Female cats may knead before they go into “heat” to tell the males in the area that they are available.

Domesticated cats are social and they may be kneading to tell the people in the house that they trust them and feel safe. Kneading is a natural and instinctual behavior. Not every cat kneads, but it is a very common behavior.


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No Cats On The Christmas Tree!

Is there anything cats won’t climb? Young cats especially love to see how high they can get to spy on the household. Your older cat may not be as interested in getting into the mess of branches and ornaments. cat tree

I have recently been told that cats do not like citrus at all. Citrus zest sachets are one decorative way to deter kitty from climbing on the tree. Another simpler method is to place orange, lime or lemon peels all around the bottom of your tree.


It is also wise to secure the tree from tipping or to put your cat in another room when you can’t supervise tree scaling attempts. Citrus is apparently fool-proof. So far, so good…


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