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Should I Take My Dog Shopping?


Personally, taking dogs shopping would be an absolute nightmare. My two little dogs would bark at everything that moved, they would wrestle with each other for awhile and my boy dog would then find a nice clothing rack to pee on. Nope, not for us. But there are many, many people who take their well-behaved dogs for a public outing and it works very well.

Some large retail chains allow pets, like Home Depot, Nordstrom, Walgreens, Apple and Lowes. As long as your buddy is well-mannered and on a leash, he or she is welcome.

So, if your dog does not enjoy strangers petting his head and children rushing up toward him, then a shopping experience might not be a good plan. Your dog also may not be a shopping candidate if he is not calm around a lot of strangers, or if he pulls on the leash.

Another good option for taking your dog shopping is to let him ride in a pet stroller. Pet Strollers create a safe and protected space for your pet. He or she can see out of the windows, but it generally keeps others from randomly petting your buddy when you are trying to get some things done. carries a wide variety of pet strollers and pet bike trailers

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PetEgo Rolling Jet Set Carrier

The new PetEgo Rolling Jet Set Carrier is a wonderfully designed, airline-approved wheeled pet carrier.



This carrier comes in one size (18″L x 11″W x 10″H) and only in the color black. It can hold 14 pounds. The carrier has mesh windows on all four sides, an interior safety leash, a reversible, comfortable pillow, and a nylon adjustable leash with an EVA comfort handle.

Incorporated into the carrier is the Forma Frame, which is a platform attached to the bottom of the carrier. The platform has four “follow me” wheels. The back wheels remain inline while the front wheels can swivel.

Bottom of carrier
Bottom of carrier

Like the Jet Set Forma Frame, the Rolling Jet Set Carrier can be strapped into the car as a car seat, be carried over the shoulder, as a backpack or as a tote.


You can find the Rolling Jet Set Carrier at

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Ahh, Pet Me In This Spot!

Even though cats often appear to be spectacularly aloof, they are very happy and content when you pet them in certain spots. A cat has scent glands located in the mouth, on the top of the head, at the base of the tail and in the paw pads. We often see cats rubbing their faces or heads on the sides of furniture or doorways in an effort to leave their scent.

Petting a cat

Cats generally enjoy being petted in the spots where there are scent glands because you are actually helping to spread the scent around. So, the best spots to pet a cat include:

  • Behind the ears
  • The base of the tail
  • Top of the head
  • Under the chin
  • Cheeks, behind the whiskers

Most cats are not too happy when you pet them on the belly. This is instinctual. In the wild, cats are very aware that the belly needs to be protected from predators. All vital organs are located in the belly region and it is a priority to protect it. Some cats may get used to being pet on the stomach, but it is not the so-called sweet spot.


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Best Dog Breeds To Take On A Run

running_with_dog_smallerLarge dog breeds are the first thing that come to mind when you think about running long distances, but this is not always the case. Some large pure breeds have hip troubles that would be made worse with constant pavement pounding. It’s the medium-sized dogs that make great distance runners, like the Jack Russell, German Short-Haired Pointer, Weimaraner, and Vizsla.

Dogs that enjoy sprinting, or short distance runs include: Beagles, English Setters, Golden and Labrador retrievers, and Pitbulls.

Do you love to run in the heat? Breeds like Airedale and Fox terriers, and Rhodesian ridgebacks have longer snouts that help them breathe easier. How about running in the freezing temperatures? Take along a Siberian husky, a German Shepherd, or a Malamute.

If you have some kind of mixed breed, talk to your vet about whether their build will make a good runner. Puppies of any breed shouldn’t be taken on runs, their bones need time to grow.


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