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3 Big Dog Stroller Considerations

There are several reasons to lead you to buy a pet stroller for your big dog. One reason is that your big dog is older and less mobile. Although these dogs still need their exercise, they may only be able to run or walk short distances before needing a break.doggyride_novel_joggerstroller

A second reason is an injury to your big dog. This is surely a temporary set back, but a pet stroller can be part of the rehabilitation program for your dog. Enjoying the outdoors is a much better option than lying in the house for 6-8 weeks.

A third reason is that you, the owner, are getting older, have an injury, or had surgery. Walking your big dog on a leash might not be feasible for long periods and a pet stroller will ease the strain.

Dogs enjoy the outdoor experience, and there is nothing better than spending time outside as long as possible. A pet stroller will give your big dog a break, or you, while you keep on moving.


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The Perfect Travel Stroller

flying_stroller_sideKittyWalk has just released the perfect travel pet stroller! It is both practical and stylish. It fits into the Royale line, to go along with the Royale Classic  and the Royale SUV.

The KittyWalk Flying Pet Stroller will carry up to 30 pounds. It has a detachable carrier, with adjustable straps, so you can check the stroller and carry your pet onto the plane. This way you don’t have to transfer your pet to a different carrier for the flight. The stroller frame fits into the carrier bag for easy checking.


The Flying Stroller has a 32 inch handle height. The carrier measures 20″L x 12″w x 14″H and has three windows with shades and a special window on the top! The carrier buckles easily to the frame when you are on the move and then quickly releases when you are ready to board the plane.  The carrier is 14 inches tall, but is able to collapse to 10 inches, allowing it to fit under most airline seats.

The Flying Stroller has a large ‘carry all things’ basket just under the parent tray. It also boasts a comfortable, washable interior faux sheepskin pad cover. Check out the New Flying Pet Stroller at

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3 Creative Uses For Pet Hair

So much pet hair and so little time and energy to clean it all! Whether you brush your dog or pet your cat, pet hair seems to float around everywhere. There are several alternative uses for pet hair that will do some good for you around your home:

r shedding dog

  1. Put the fur around your plants. Pet hair contains a lot of nitrogen and helps to create thriving healthy plants. It does take a while for the nitrogen to be released, however, do don’t expect miracles in the first season. The fur also stops snails and slugs from munching on the leaves.
  2. Toss your pet hair in the compost pile. Again, it takes awhile for the fur to break down, but mixed with other organic material, it will add some healthy goodness to your plants.
  3. Leave small piles of pet fur outside, perhaps on top of or underneath shrubs. The birds will find it and use it to build their nests. This will certainly make the birds happy!

cat shedding

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