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A Different Pet Wheeled Carrier

blroll1Gen7Pets released the Roller-Carrier, which is a wheeled carrier like no other. Gen7Pets is known for the Smart Features that each of their products contains, and the Roller-Carrier is no exception.

The key to this wheeled carrier being different is the Smart-Level platform which keeps the carrier from tipping over when you are pulling your pet from behind.

The Gen7Pets Roller-Carrier comes in three different colors and two different sizes. The small size will carry pets up to 10 pounds and the large up to 20 pounds.












This carrier has straps for use as a backpack or you can safely tuck in the straps for use as a roller carrier. This carrier is also a car seat and a portable kennel. The medium size of this carrier meets most airline regulations.


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Hello to all who read our posts about pet strollers, pet bike trailers and a whole lot of other information for pet owners! has been updated for a better shopping experience. The links on this blog are not yet matched to the current website, however, we do still have all the products in our store. For now, please just head straight to to find anything you are looking for.


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G7 Jogger in Blue!

Gen7Pets just released their ever popular G7 Jogger in a new color. Trailblazer Blue is now available. It’s the same great G7 Jogger, but now with color options.



This high-end stroller still contains all the smart features you expect from Gen7Pets products:

  • Smart-Zippers™ – No  need to thread the zippers, easy, one-handed zipping
  • Smart-Canopy™ – Canopy folds into the stroller and out of the way
  • Smart-Basket™ – Storage basket is under the cabin and zips closed
  • Smart-Reach™ – Enjoy a 42 inch handle height
  • Smart-Fold™ – Easy, one-handed folding
  • Smart-Wheels™ – Durable, EVA foam tires that never go flat



Find the Gen7Pets Jogger in Blue at


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3 Human Foods For Cats

Most cats are love to check out what you are eating. It seems they will eat almost anything in addition to their cat food. It is fun to give them a “special treat.” as it makes us feel happy that they might be happy. However, cats really only need the nourishment that comes from cat food. It is alright to give them human food treats, as long as it’s in moderation.


  1. Plain Yoghurt – It is not a good idea to give your cat flavored yoghurt because they are unable to digest the fructose sugar that is usually an ingredient.
  2. Cheese – Avoid soft cheeses, like Brie, but cats do love a good cheddar or even cottage cheese.
  3. Eggs – It’s not a good idea to give your cat a raw egg, but scrambled or hard-boiled is a tasty treat.

We all know that cats love fish, and canned tuna is a delicacy for them, but be careful not to give them too much fish. Fish is deficient in Vitamin E and cats could develop a condition called “yellow fat disease” if they eat too much human- food fish.


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