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Big Dogs in Strollers?

What? Who would ever think a big dog would need a stroller? After talking with many people at an animal shelter fundraiser this weekend, that was the question most often asked. So many people are active with their pets and/or avid exercisers that a pet stroller would never come up on the radar.

A big revelation for people was the bicycle trailer for pets. Long bike rides are hard on the paws of the dog that is running beside you. A bike trailer allows you to keep on riding and rest you weary dog. The same goes for the runners. Some dogs will run all day, but many need some rest. Whether overheated, irritated paw pads, or just plain old tired, a little riding is a blessing.

Doggyride makes the perfect stroller for the avid runner. The Original and Novel Jogger-Strollers have a wheel alignment system that keeps the stroller from veering to one side or the other. It is not difficult to calibrate and is very helpful if you have a dog that likes to change positions a lot!

Doggyride uses the same stable cabin for the pet bike trailers. With little effort, you attach the bike trailer to your rear wheel and load up.

 is your store for Doggyride

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A Third Dog?

3-dogsWe’ve been entertaining the idea of getting a third dog. Since our beloved Shepherd-Husky died, life in the house has a little hole in it. The hole is big enough for another dog, but I’m not sure how Willie and Suzie will handle the addition. They have been the kings of the house and are sometimes feisty when other dogs come to visit. I’ve researched some tips to getting that third dog.

How to Introduce a New Dog to the Pack

Dogs form their own society with you and with each other. Status within the group changes as dogs mature and age. This “dominance hierarchy” establishes order and promotes cooperation among members, who soon learn their place in the canine order.

Here are actions you can take to help a newcomer transition smoothly into its new pack.

  • Introduce the dogs one at a time, so that the pack doesn’t gang up on the newcomer.
  • Introduce the dogs on neutral territory that’s unfamiliar to all members of the pack, like a neighbor’s yard. That way, the dogs will be less likely to view each other as territorial intruders.
  • Keep each dog on a leash with a separate handler during introductions. If a ruckus erupts, handlers can separate the dogs, let them cool off, and try again.
  • Use a calm, happy voice when introducing dogs for the first time. Let them briefly sniff each other, then issue an easy command like sit, and reward their attentive compliance with a treat. Do that often during the first visit, so the dogs begin associating the new pack member with pleasant things.
  • Beware of aggressive body posture. If one of the dogs bares teeth, growls or stares for long time, then bad things are likely to happen. Interrupt the negative energy immediately by distracting the dogs with commands followed by treats. Then, try again, but for a shorter time. carries a wide variety of Dog and Cat Carriers for traveling and exercising.

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Pet Enclosures for Outdoor Exploration

Ferris Wheel

It is generally recommended that cats remain indoors. Safety is the key issue, as cats are vulnerable to attacks from wildlife and may not be able to adequately defend themselves. Kittywalk Systems creates a wide variety of outdoor enclosures for cats and small dogs. They felt that cats deserve to experience the outdoors, but in a safe environment.


You can turn your deck, patio or yard into a funhouse. The Kittywalk pet enclosures have a variety of components that you mix and match to suit your needs. They fit together, sort of like a puzzle, and can be vast or just a small resting place with a good view.

Kittywalk uses durable materials to construct their pet enclosures, like rip-stop netting, solid steel poles and weather-resistant canvas. Their goal has been to make their products able to stand up to varied climates.


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You will find the Kittywalk Enclosure systems at