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The Safest Pet Car Seat

Pet Ego just released the ISOFIX-Latch Connection. This is a system, that is purchased separately or with the Pet Ego Jet Set Pet Carrier, that provides maximum safety for your pet while he or she is riding in the car. The ISOFIX-Latch passed the rigorous FMVSS 213 Crash test which is used to test child safety seats.



This ISOFIX – Latch is simple to use. It clicks into your car seat belt attachment and around your pet carrier. You will find the ISOFIX Connection, the safest pet car seat, at




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Do Dogs Need Booties?

dog-booties137163793Many people believe that since their dog’s feet are “bare” that they must be really cold on the cold ground. A study from Japan demonstrated that this is not the case. Veins in dog paws are very close to arteries. When the paws begin to cool down, the dog’s heart pumps blood through the arteries causing the paw pads to get warmer. This adaptation was already seen in other species, but it’s exciting to know that it also exists in domesticated animals.

This information will make dog owners feel better about their dog being outside in the cold. The study suggests that booties are not needed to keep dog paws warm. I haven’t seen a dog that actually likes wearing booties, at best they seem to barely tolerate the cumbersome covers.


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A Dog-Friendly Garden

dogs eating toxic plantsDogs and yards will sometimes clash. Many dogs like to dig and pee in the yard. Some also eat flowers and/or dig up shrubs. There are a few things you can do that may help reduce your frustration.

  1. If your dog likes to dig, try to create a “digging” zone for him either in the garden or a special spot away from the garden. Maybe you can add treats and bones to the digging zone.
  2. If your dog likes to roll in your flower beds, perhaps shredded mulch is not the best choice as it gets embedded in the fur. Pine chips are an option to keep your dog from dragging the mulch into the house.
  3. For grass areas that get peed on, try to dilute them by spraying water. This may minimize brown spots on the lawn.
  4. Carefully choose plants. If your dog likes to chew on the leaves, then keep rhododendrons, azaleas and oleander out of his reach.
  5. Add a water feature. If you use a bird bath, be sure the water is clean. Your dog is likely to take a drink. The recirculating water from an outdoor fountain is a good option for thirsty dogs.


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