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Gen7Pets Releases The Monaco Stroller

monaco-002This brand new pet stroller is made of lightweight aluminum (18 lbs) and has many special features. To start, it has a removable storage basket. I haven’t seen that on any other stroller! The basket has carry straps so you can use it separately. This is also the first non-zip stroller for Gen7Pets. The canopy closes with a latch. As with many of their strollers, the canopy will tuck underneath, when open, so it doesn’t flop down on your pet. The handle height is 39″ tall so there is plenty of room to walk or run behind this stroller.

The Monaco handle has an easy folding mechanism that you only need one hand to maneuver. The double front wheel swivels, but you are also able to lock it in place. Three-wheeled pet strollers are easy to navigate on rough as well as smooth road. This stroller will carry up to 60 pounds and has EVA foam (never flat) wheels. The Monaco has two safety leashes inside the cabin and has a paw rest because many pets like to get a better view of the outdoors. Choose from three different patterns, Black Geometric, Red Geometric and Dress Blues.monaco-000


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Pets In Nursing Homes

pets in nursing homesThe benefits of owning a pet are well-known. Pets improve the quality of life for many humans. I’ve known plenty of people who prefer the company of dogs and cats over other humans! When we get older, this¬†phenomenon potentially becomes even more evident; pets are good company, they give people a purpose, a sense of responsibility.

As your physical, and mental, capacity declines the need for nursing, or personal care home,¬†placement becomes greater. It’s been the norm not to accept pets at these residences. Lately, however, may nursing facilities are allowing residents to bring their pets with them, or the facilities are adopting their own pets for community enjoyment. Animals that are taking up residence in nursing homes include dogs, cats, birds, ducks, fish, even miniature pigs. Giving up your residence is a signal to some that you are giving up your independence. Asking people to give up their beloved companions, often of many years, seems cruel. Kudos to all the facilities that encourage and adopt pets!


Often pets need to be in carriers or strollers when in public areas of nursing homes. Consider getting a pet stroller at