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Finding a Double Pet Stroller

There aren’t many pet strollers that are specifically designed for two pets to ride separately, aside from the KittyWalk Double Decker. The Double Decker has two separate, removable carriers, each with a front and a back door. The doors are closed with durable metal clasps, not with zippers. This type of stroller is perfect for keeping two pets separated when they won’t play nice dbl

However, there are many pet strollers that have the capability to carry more than one pet at a time. Pay attention to the cabin dimensions to determine whether your two or three pets will fit inside. Also make sure you adhere to the weight limit that each stroller can carry. If you have concerns about whether your pets may jump out of the stroller, then you should also pay attention to the number of tether clips available in the cabin. Some people don’t even use this feature, but if you think your pet might make a run for it, you may want to look into the number of tether clips. The PetZip Monogram and the PetZip Happy Trailer both have more than one tether clip. Doggyride Trailers and Strollers have enough room to carry one large dog or many, I’ve seen 4 small dogs fit comfortably inside, and extra leash sets are available to purchase. Each leash set will attach two dogs.

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PetZip Products Will Return

Pet Zip pet strollerSome folks have noticed that it’s really hard to find certain PetZip pet strollers, like the Pet Happy Trailer and the Monogram. Pet Zip is redesigning many of their products and they will return in the spring. Pet Zip is known for their award-winning pet strollers, like the 1st Class Jogger and the stylish Mochi. will again carry PetZip strollers when they return in the spring!