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5 Mistakes Made By Pet Owners

dogbegJust like children, pet behavior is generally a reflection of how we parent. If we have badly behaved pets, it doesn’t mean we are bad parents. A behavior that bothers one person, doesn’t seem to be a problem to others.  It seems that there are some behaviors many people agree are not desirable.




  1. Jumping. This is usually not well-liked by visitors because your pet’s paws may be dirty, the person may not like to interact with dogs, or their nails may scratch the person’s leg.
  2. You feed your pet too much. Many pet parents see giving their pets table scraps or lots of “special treats” as a sign of love. We think we are doing the pet a favor by feeding them too much food, or too many treats. The truth is that pet obesity is just as much of a problem as person obesity and we need to get eating under control. Moderation is a good idea.
  3. You picked a breed of dog that is incompatible with your lifestyle. If you live in a small apartment, an Australian Shepherd probably isn’t the best choice. They need a lot of exercise and don’t like to be cooped up all day. Or, if you are very active and like to take your dog on long hikes or runs, then a Chihuahua may not be the best choice for you.dogcrate
  4. You misuse the dog crate. A crate can be a fabulous training tool, especially when your dog is young or new to your house. Some people use the crate as a place of punishment and the dog is fearful of it. The crate should be a safe and comfortable place.
  5. Begging. This is a learned behavior. If you only feed your dog scraps or special treats in their dog bowl, it is less likely that they will stand beside you and beg. It is annoying to be eating at the dinner table and hot panting breath is on your leg, waiting for a little something from the table.

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