As the owner of a rescue cat and three dogs, a German Shepherd-Husky mix and a French Bulldog-Pug mix pair, I love to take them hiking and biking whenever possible. The Shepherd-Husky is getting older and can’t do the long trips anymore. He likes to ride in the pet bike trailer. The male little dog can run and run, but the girl gets tired quickly and just lays down! She then rides like a princess in one of our pet jogging strollers. This is a site to talk about being active with your pets and products that make it easy to do so. Many of the products detailed in this blog can be found at:  www.PerfectPetStroller.com.

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  1. Can anyone recommend a stroller which will fit a Sherpa airline carrier inside? We have an 8# YorkiPoo who will be flying with us on commercial airlines. We’ve seen a stroller at the airport which fit the bill brilliantly, but are having trouble finding it online.

  2. I have 2 italian greyhounds. I would like to get a strooler that would fit both. 1 weighs 14lbs, the other 9lbs.
    I thought I was going to order the doggyride mini because I liked the idea that I could use it as a carrier. Will this work or could you suggest one that will be a better fit

    1. Oh yes, the Doggyride strollers will work well for your dogs. The cabin, when off the frame, is often used as a crate, not necessarily a carrier. Solvit (Houndabout) and PetEgo (Comfort Wagon) are two others that make a cabin style frame that will work also. Pet Gear has the Roadster, which rides close to the ground, and is a good option.

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