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Two Excellent Wheeled Carriers

Traveling with pets, whether by train, plane or automobile, is becoming more and more commonplace. More hotels and restaurants are catering to travelers who don’t want to leave their furry friends at home. Two excellent wheeled carriers for small pets include the Snoozer Cooper Bag and the Gen7Pets Roller Carrier.



Snoozer Cooper Bag

The Snoozer Cooper Bag is definitely a small dog or cat wheeled carrier. The interior dimensions are 14″W x 9″D x 12″H. Weight limit says up to 15 pounds. Some reviews for this bag say it is not roomy enough for dogs or cats that weigh closer to the 15 pound mark. Measure your animal before purchasing. The Cooper Bag has two fabric color options: Zebra and Black. The four wheels all swivel, it is very easy to move it on the floor. The telescoping handle reaches 41 inches high. There are several side and front pockets to store items. There is a magnet allowing the top flap to stay partially open if you choose. This bag fits under most airline seats.


Gen7Pets Roller Carrier

The Gen7Pets Roller Carrier has two different size options: One for pets up to 10 pounds and another for pets up to 20 pounds. Both carriers only weigh a little over 6 pounds. The Gen7 carrier is unique with its Smart-Level platform that keeps your pet from being tipped while riding. The Roller Carrier has lots of mesh windows to keep your pet ventilated. The small carrier has the interior dimensions: 15.5″H x 8.5″D x 13.5″W while the larger size is 15″H x 9″D x 16″W. There are three fabrics from which to choose: Red, Black Geometric and Zebra.

When deciding which wheeled pet carrier will work for you, pay attention to the actual size of your dog or cat as opposed to just the weight. is your home for pet strollers, wheeled pet carriers and pet bike trailers.



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Pet Gear Travel Lite Stroller

Pet Gear reinvented the Travel Lite stroller for pets up to 15 pounds. This is a perfect stroller for airports, shopping centers and trips to the park or the vet. The stroller itself only weighs 9 pounds and has double front and back wheels for stability and ease of steering. The Travel Lite folds easily and folds flat to fit into small spaces and car trunks. You don’t have to assemble this stroller, it works right out of the box! It has a tether inside to connect your pet’s leash and the height from the ground to the handles is 38 inches. The high handle height means you are less likely to kick the wheels when walking with your pet. Cats and dogs alike love the massive view through the zippered mesh front. The Travel Lite comes in three different weather-resistant fabrics: Black, Blue and Pink.









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Some Dogs Bite

biting dogA dog that is under duress or feels anxious is more likely to bite. There are several situations a dog may be faced with that will increase the likelihood of him biting you.

  1. Fighting dogs – Be aware that if you choose to intervene, you might be bitten. As a dog gets more excited their behaviors become more inhibited.
  2. Many dogs feel stress when going to the vet. This may be because the other animals around make him nervous or they just smell something not quite right.
  3. Routine grooming acts may cause anxiety for your dog; nail clipping, fur trimming, or bathing.

Distracting a dog with treats or bones is one method to divert a potential biting incident.

dogchewsbone Any dog has potential to bite, even if it seems completely out of character. Biting is less likely when stress and anxiety are at a minimum.





Pet Strollers are a great way to transport your pet in the neighborhood, park, shopping mall or airport! Check out for more information.

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Who Needs a Pet Stroller?

Monaco Pet Stroller

You may need a pet stroller if:

  • Your dog or cat just had surgery and is not able to move around independently.
  • Your dog or cat loves the outdoors, but is elderly or medically fragile.
  • You travel a lot and pets are required to be in covered compartments.
  • You like to take your pet everywhere you go, shopping, restaurants, but not every place allows pets
  • You love to jog with your dogs, but one dog can run further than the other. carries a wide variety of pet strollers, bike trailers and wheeled carriers

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Gen7Pets Releases The Monaco Stroller

monaco-002This brand new pet stroller is made of lightweight aluminum (18 lbs) and has many special features. To start, it has a removable storage basket. I haven’t seen that on any other stroller! The basket has carry straps so you can use it separately. This is also the first non-zip stroller for Gen7Pets. The canopy closes with a latch. As with many of their strollers, the canopy will tuck underneath, when open, so it doesn’t flop down on your pet. The handle height is 39″ tall so there is plenty of room to walk or run behind this stroller.

The Monaco handle has an easy folding mechanism that you only need one hand to maneuver. The double front wheel swivels, but you are also able to lock it in place. Three-wheeled pet strollers are easy to navigate on rough as well as smooth road. This stroller will carry up to 60 pounds and has EVA foam (never flat) wheels. The Monaco has two safety leashes inside the cabin and has a paw rest because many pets like to get a better view of the outdoors. Choose from three different patterns, Black Geometric, Red Geometric and Dress Blues.monaco-000


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Pets In Nursing Homes

pets in nursing homesThe benefits of owning a pet are well-known. Pets improve the quality of life for many humans. I’ve known plenty of people who prefer the company of dogs and cats over other humans! When we get older, this phenomenon potentially becomes even more evident; pets are good company, they give people a purpose, a sense of responsibility.

As your physical, and mental, capacity declines the need for nursing, or personal care home, placement becomes greater. It’s been the norm not to accept pets at these residences. Lately, however, may nursing facilities are allowing residents to bring their pets with them, or the facilities are adopting their own pets for community enjoyment. Animals that are taking up residence in nursing homes include dogs, cats, birds, ducks, fish, even miniature pigs. Giving up your residence is a signal to some that you are giving up your independence. Asking people to give up their beloved companions, often of many years, seems cruel. Kudos to all the facilities that encourage and adopt pets!


Often pets need to be in carriers or strollers when in public areas of nursing homes. Consider getting a pet stroller at


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Keeping Pets Safe in the Garden

dog safe pesticidesIt’s easy to go about your business and not think about the consequences of your actions. Applying pesticides in the garden is one action that needs some monitoring by you if you have pets. Two pesticides to avoid are two of the top 10 chemicals responsible for accidental pet poisonings.

  1. Disulfoton is one that is no longer commonly found in pest treatments, but many Rose-care products do contain this chemical. This is one that is appealing and tasty to dogs and will cause them to have diarrhea and to vomit.
  2. Metaldehyde is found in snail and slug bait and, when ingested by dogs, can cause tremors and seizures.

Herbicides are generally thought to be acceptable to use, in moderation, but pets needs to stay inside until it dries. Critics of this opinion feel that because herbicides are often waterproof that they continue to be harmful to pets even after they have dried.

There doesn’t seem to be any good research on long-term effects of pesticides and the harm they cause to pets, but we do know that cancer is the leading cause of death for dogs. There is ongoing research on what harm garden chemicals are capable of doing to pets.

Consider a few homemade options to keep those pests at bay:

  1. Garlic Bulbs – Planting them in your garden will help keep beetles and aphids away. Crush garlic and mix with water to create a spray for your leaves.
  2. Feverfew Flowers are mild insect repellents. They have a bitter aroma that scares pests away, leading them to believe there is nothing tasty in the area for them.
  3. Tansy Herbs – Plant them in your doorway to keep away ants, or hang them in a doorway to keep away flies.


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The Safest Pet Car Seat

Pet Ego just released the ISOFIX-Latch Connection. This is a system, that is purchased separately or with the Pet Ego Jet Set Pet Carrier, that provides maximum safety for your pet while he or she is riding in the car. The ISOFIX-Latch passed the rigorous FMVSS 213 Crash test which is used to test child safety seats.



This ISOFIX – Latch is simple to use. It clicks into your car seat belt attachment and around your pet carrier. You will find the ISOFIX Connection, the safest pet car seat, at




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Do Dogs Need Booties?

dog-booties137163793Many people believe that since their dog’s feet are “bare” that they must be really cold on the cold ground. A study from Japan demonstrated that this is not the case. Veins in dog paws are very close to arteries. When the paws begin to cool down, the dog’s heart pumps blood through the arteries causing the paw pads to get warmer. This adaptation was already seen in other species, but it’s exciting to know that it also exists in domesticated animals.

This information will make dog owners feel better about their dog being outside in the cold. The study suggests that booties are not needed to keep dog paws warm. I haven’t seen a dog that actually likes wearing booties, at best they seem to barely tolerate the cumbersome covers.


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A Dog-Friendly Garden

dogs eating toxic plantsDogs and yards will sometimes clash. Many dogs like to dig and pee in the yard. Some also eat flowers and/or dig up shrubs. There are a few things you can do that may help reduce your frustration.

  1. If your dog likes to dig, try to create a “digging” zone for him either in the garden or a special spot away from the garden. Maybe you can add treats and bones to the digging zone.
  2. If your dog likes to roll in your flower beds, perhaps shredded mulch is not the best choice as it gets embedded in the fur. Pine chips are an option to keep your dog from dragging the mulch into the house.
  3. For grass areas that get peed on, try to dilute them by spraying water. This may minimize brown spots on the lawn.
  4. Carefully choose plants. If your dog likes to chew on the leaves, then keep rhododendrons, azaleas and oleander out of his reach.
  5. Add a water feature. If you use a bird bath, be sure the water is clean. Your dog is likely to take a drink. The recirculating water from an outdoor fountain is a good option for thirsty dogs.


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