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Best Big Dog Strollers

Is it crazy to put a large dog in a stroller? I would say it depends on the circumstances. The following are examples of this type of owner:

  • A marathon ┬árunner, who runs with her two young Labradors, needed a stroller so that her 13-year-old Lab didn’t have to stay at home.
  • A woman who had recent surgery on her shoulder was worried her large dog would re-injure her shoulder by pulling on the leash. She needed a stroller to get to the dog park.
  • One fellow adopted a dog with three legs. The dog loved to run around, but couldn’t make it the length of the trail. He just puts his rescue dog in the stroller when he gets tired.

Important features to look for in a large dog stroller:

  • A cabin that is close to the ground, therefore it has a lower center of gravity. Many large dogs are less anxious riding closer to the ground.
  • Large, air-filled tires. Rear tires that are at least 12 inches and filled with air mean a more comfortable ride for the large dog.
  • A good view. If your big dog prefers to lie down, then side windows are key. If your dog likes to sit up, then a sunroof will make him happy.

There are only a few dog strollers that are durable enough to carry a larger dog in comfort. DoggyRide makes the Original and Novel Strollers and the Original and Novel Jogger-Strollers.

dr noveljogger2

The DoggyRide strollers have air-filled rear wheels that are 20 inches in diameter. They have a side bar that locks into place to prevent the dog from leaning into the moving tires. The cabin is close to the ground and there are windows on the front and sides of the cabin.

Solvit redesigned their Houndabout Trailers this year and they are now constructed of a lightweight aluminum. There is a medium that holds dogs up to 50 pounds, and a large size that will carry up to 110 pounds. What is important to understand about the Solvit Houndabout Trailer is that the only way to make it a stroller is to buy the trailer and then add the stroller conversion kit.

Houndabout Trailer


The PetEgo Comfort Wagon is a bike trailer that also requires the purchase of the conversion kit in order to use it as a stroller. The PetEgo Comfort Wagon has a medium and a large size which will carry pets up to 165 pounds.

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