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The PetEgo Bike Leashes

Now that three, actually four PetEgo Bike Leashes are on the market, we can look at them together.

The Walky Dog bike leash got good reviews in the beginning, but then reports started coming in that the bungee cord was fraying from repeated pulling by the dogs. Another criticism was that the clip used to connect to your dog’s leash or harness was not strong enough. PetEgo responded and created the Walky Dog Plus. This bike leash uses a heavier metal, a stronger cord that doesn’t fray, a larger, stronger clip, and more precise construction. The tow bar clips in and out of the clamp (the part that attaches to the seat post of your bike) smoothly and with one hand. This leash is recommended for dogs that weigh 40 – 50 pounds or more.


The Cycleash is constructed of aluminum and is secured to the seat post block with a safety clip. The seat post block has the option to run a dog on both sides of your bike. You would just need to purchase an extra tow bar. Reviews of the Cycleash have been mostly positive. There are reports that if you dog pulls too hard then the bike seat turns. Another person reported that the seat post block turns when the dog pulls too hard. Most report that their dog safely runs behind the front tire, even on inside turns. This dog leash is recommended for dogs weighing 35 pounds or more.


The newest PetEgo bike leash is the Springlead. This leash uses an 8mm steel spring with a short, nylon lead at the bottom. The spring greatly reduces any tugging felt by the rider from the dog. You can run two dogs with the Springlead with the purchase of an additional leash bar.  The curved leash bar is made of stainless steel and the seat post connector is made of galvanized steel. Reviews of the Springlead are mostly positive. Some are reporting that the leash is too low to the ground for the larger dog. This leash is designed with a short lead so that the dog does not have enough room to veer into the path of the bike tires.


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Best Dog Bike Leashes

When you go out biking, you do not need to leave your dog at home. Bike leashes of the past left you worrying about whether your dog will get in the way of your tires and cause an accident. Pet Ego makes two dog bike leashes designed for a safe and fun outing with your pet.

The WalkyDog Bicycle Leash attaches to the seat post of your bike. It extends away from the bike, a maximum of 12 inches, and then your dog is able to run next to the bike, not into it.

The WalkyDog has an optional attachment for the rear axle of your bike. Dogs who are smaller might prefer the Low Rider.

The Cycleash is a brand  new product from Pet Ego. The Cycleash uses shockless TPR technology, basically a bungee cord, to ensure a comfortable ride for you and an enjoyable run for your dog. It is different from other bike leashes in that it has an ergonomic curved bar. You can actually ride with a dog on each side of your bike with the Cycleash, you would just need to purchase an extra bar.


It is recommended that you only use a bicycle leash for dogs that weigh over 20 pounds. Bike leashes are designed to accommodate the dog that pulls hard on a leash so that your ride continues on smoothly. You only need to clip the bike leash to your dog’s collar, but some dogs prefer being connected by way of a harness.

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