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Keep Your Pet Safe and Be Aware of Chemical Hazards

Winter is a time of year that people need to take care to prevent exposure of pets to harmful chemicals.

Antifreeze typically contains ethylene glycol as the primary ingredient. It has a sweet smell so animals are attracted to it. A half of a teaspoon will kill a cat if ingested and 8 ounces can kill a 75-pound dog. This chemical does irreversible damage to the kidneys. There is a less toxic alternative that has propylene glycol as the main ingredient. Pay attention to leaks on the garage floor or on the driveway to which an animal has access. Clean up any spills you notice.

De-Icing salts often contain sodium chloride which is irritating to the paws of animals and can make them ill after licking their paws. The illnesses they are likely to suffer from include hypersalivating, nausea and vomiting. Consider using salts with calcium or potassium chloride, or make sure you wipe off all pet paws when they come

Pets spend much more time indoors when the weather is bad, so paying attention to household cleaners they might come into contact with is important. Cleaners with bleach, ammonia, chlorine, glycol ethers, or formaldehyde in the ingredient list can put pets at risk for liver and kidney damage, cancer and anemia.

Awareness of potential problems can mean avoiding health problems for your pet.


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Getting Active Can Make You More Productive at Work

So many of us who work full-time don’t feel there is enough time during the day to exercise. Studies show that daily exercise improves our mood and our ability to focus. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the tasks and the stresses of the day, but the costs may be lowered effectiveness and productivity. Spending just 10 minutes a day on something as simple as stretching or walking briskly can cancel out the negative effects of stress on the brain.

Our brains focus on the task at hand when in stress mode, but an exercise break allows us to think abstractly and pay more attention to our surroundings.  We can then return to the task with a fresh perspective. When we are in stress mode, our energy levels tend to decrease which leads to reaching for energy drinks and salty carbohydrate-laden foods. These things will elevate our moods and our energy for a short time and then we dive back down. Chronic stress can make it difficult to get going in the morning, but then leave us too keyed up to get to sleep at bedtime.  If we don’t sleep enough over a period of time, we tend to be less efficient and less productive. Even small changes in our routine, that include exercise, can lead to a better sense of well-being.

While at work, exercise can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or standing up to stretch and taking the long route to the bathroom. Or, consider stopping everything and think about nothing for awhile. Take a time out from the busy day and take a few deep breaths. And if conditions permit, get outside and take a short walk.


When the work day is over and you have a pet waiting for you at home, there is another opportunity for exercise. If you exercise your pet, or exercise with your pet, you will both have a greater sense of well-being.


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You Might Be a Crazy Pet Person if…

Ok, we all love our pets and I definitely find myself talking to my little dogs more than I should, but when have we gone overboard? I would have to say that this is completely subjective because what might be nutty to one, is perfectly normal to another, right?

Do you choose to talk to your dog or cat over talking to people? Hmm, this might be cause for concern, but maybe not.

Do you take your dog or cat everywhere you go because you’re afraid they’ll be too lonely at home? Nah, I just like the company.

Do you coordinate outfits for you and your pet? Well…

Do you have more pictures in your house of your pet than people? But they do so many cute things that are worthy of photos!

Do you spend more time fixing your pet’s meal than your own?

If your pet is sleeping on you, do you stay in an uncomfortable position so as not to wake him or her up?

Do you take your pet to get pictures with Santa and the Easter Bunny?

Do you choose a tv show based on what you think your pet will like?

Do you leave the tv on while you’re at work to keep your pet company? Or do you just take your pet to camp for the day?

Do you choose vacations based on where you can take your pet?


About 60% of American households have a dog or a cat for a pet. We are the ones who recognize how much happiness a pet brings to the family. Why not give them the extra attention they deserve for their hard work at pleasing us?


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Is Your Dog Cold?

SONY DSCGenerally speaking, dogs are not bothered by cold weather. Dogs are homoiothermic, or warm-blooded animals, and their body temperatures remain pretty constant regardless of the temperature in their environment. Fur protects and insulates a dog’s body from heat loss or heat gain. However, toy dogs with little fur may feel the effects of cold air. It is also not wise for puppies to stay outside in the cold for longer than necessary.

A normal body temperature for dogs is between 100.5 degrees and 102.5 degrees F, with an average of 101.3 degrees. If a dog feels hot he pants, and if he feels cold he shivers. Dogs are able to warms themselves by curling up, and they usually change positions, or stretch out, to cool down a little.

Humans often perceive that a dog is cold and needs to be dressed warmly. Sweaters, hats, jackets and booties are popular wardrobe items for dogs. Many veterinarians do not advocate for pets wearing clothes, but if owners decide to, a pet only needs to be covered from mid chest to the base of the tail. It is possible for dogs to get frostbite, typically on the tips of their ears or the tips of their tails. It is important to keep the fur between their foot pads trimmed so ice balls don’t form and cause their pads to crack or get irritated.

Dogs, and owners alike, may choose not to be outside in the cold for an extended period of time. If you are an owner who exercises outside, in any weather condition, then a little cold won’t get in your way. Your dog may only walk or run for a short distance and then he can ride in a stroller for the rest of the way. Many pet strollers have compartments that can be closed up so your dog is shielded from the cold wind. Staying active keeps us and our dogs happy and healthy all year long!


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