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The Walky Pet Bike Basket

This sturdy bike basket will hold pets up to 15 pounds! There are plenty of bike carriers for pets, but this one is among the most stable. The Walky Pet Bike Basket uses the trusty Klickfix bicycle handle bar adapter to connect the carrier.walkybasket

The Klickfix adapter is designed to fit most handle bars (22mm-26mm) and is well-known for its stability. There is a cable that connects to the handle bar, after the Klickfix is “clicked on,” that keeps the bike basket from tipping downward. Instability is the main complaint for many bike carriers for pets on the market.walkybasket01

The Walky basket has an adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to use the basket as a pet carrier. Keep the top mesh window closed or unzip it. There is a short leash inside the carrier to keep your pet from jumping out of the basket.

The high quality nylon fabric used for the carrier allows you to easily spot clean when necessary. Take advantage of the several storage compartments, including a spot for a water bottle. The Walky basket is quite roomy (15.5″L x 14.5″W x 10″D), but be sure to measure your pet in the sitting position. It is most often the case that pets like to look out of the carrier and enjoy the scenery!


Find the Walky Basket at

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PetEgo Rolling Jet Set Carrier

The new PetEgo Rolling Jet Set Carrier is a wonderfully designed, airline-approved wheeled pet carrier.



This carrier comes in one size (18″L x 11″W x 10″H) and only in the color black. It can hold 14 pounds. The carrier has mesh windows on all four sides, an interior safety leash, a reversible, comfortable pillow, and a nylon adjustable leash with an EVA comfort handle.

Incorporated into the carrier is the Forma Frame, which is a platform attached to the bottom of the carrier. The platform has four “follow me” wheels. The back wheels remain inline while the front wheels can swivel.

Bottom of carrier
Bottom of carrier

Like the Jet Set Forma Frame, the Rolling Jet Set Carrier can be strapped into the car as a car seat, be carried over the shoulder, as a backpack or as a tote.


You can find the Rolling Jet Set Carrier at

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PetEgo Pet At Work Carrier

PetEgo makes a backpack style carrier that suits the needs of people who like to be on the move with their small pet. What makes this carrier different from others is that it has a compartment for your laptop or tablet, space for a foldable pet house that is included with the carrier, and of course a space for your pet.


The Petego pet at work comes in two different sizes, small and regular, and can carry a pet up to 13 pounds. The regular size carrier measures 15 inches wide and 16 inches high. There are three potential lengths for the carrier, depending on how much you put inside. With one compartment expanded, the length is 9 inches, with two compartments open, the length is 13 inches and fully expanded makes the carrier 16 inches long.

The foldable pet dome is a cozy safe place for your pet in times when he can’t roam around unattended.  The dome is nearly three feet long, and 14 inches wide and high. It also has a soft, cushioned pad for the bottom.

pet dome

The Pet At Work Travel system can be found at


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Pet Strollers With A Removable Carrier

If you have a small dog, or a cat, it is very convenient to use a stroller to go to the vet, shopping, or traveling through the airport. You may also want to be able to remove the carrier from the stroller so you don’t have to take your pet out of the stroller.

Three options for pet strollers with a removable carrier include:

Pet Ego Sport Trike Stroller – This rugged three-wheeled stroller has three different carriers from which to choose: the Sport Wagon Bag, the Universal Sport Bag and the Infinita Carrier. All three bags are able to carry up to 20 pounds of pet. The stroller frame folds flat when not in use.


Pet Ego Quadro Stroller – This fashionable stroller will hold one or two Pod ILove carriers and a total of 15 pounds. The Pod ILove is a sturdy but soft carrier that will keep your pet safe and secure.


All of the KittyWalk pet strollers have removable carriers. KittyWalk makes strollers that hold smaller pets and then they have the larger SUV models that will carry up to 50 pounds. These strollers are sturdy, well-made and collapse for storage.




Find these pet strollers with a removable carrier at

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KittyWalk Stroller Weather Cover

Kittywalk pet strollers are in a class of their own. Each of the pet strollers in their fleet has a removable carrier. The carriers do not have zippers, they have a metal and leather clasp system that they call “escape-proof.”  The stroller frames are sturdy but not too heavy. The carriers also function as a car seat. The soft mesh on the cabins give your pet perfect views of the outdoors. If your pet likes a little privacy, however, her/she can head to the rear of the stroller where it is covered.


Kittywalk also boasts an uncommon feature for some of their strollers, a weather cover. This is just not simply a weather cover, this is an all-season weather protector!

For rainy days, the waterproof rain cover will protect your pet. For sunny/hot days, the canvas sunshade awning is your solution. And for chilly fall and winter days, the cozy faux sheepskin cozy cover and pad will insulate your pet.

kwpsaw79_1 carriers a variety of Pet Strollers.

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Biking With Your Buddy

Owning a small dog has many benefits. One of the best perks is that he/she can go almost anywhere with you. If you are an active person, then sharing the experience with your little buddy makes it more enjoyable.

PetEgo XPack
PetEgo XPack

Pet Carriers that have multiple uses are an easy solution to how to bring along your small dog. Whether you are walking around the neighborhood, biking on the beach or hiking up a mountain, using a carrier that keeps your hands free and your back balanced is a good choice.

Kyjen Front Carrier
Kyjen Front Carrier

Many pet carriers can be used as a car seat and shoulder carrier, but there are others that can also be used as a backpack or front pack carrier. Pet Ego makes the XPack and the Marsupack carriers that fit comfortably on your back. Kyjen also makes a backpack and a front carrier for pets under 20 pounds.


Find these and other bike carriers at

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The DoggyRide Cocoon

dr3The New and Improved DoggyRide Cocoon will be back in stock very soon. This multi-functional carrier has proven to be a favorite among pet owners.

If you choose to buy the Cocoon as a pet bike basket, the basket comes with a KLICKfix adapter for standard size handle bars (.87-1.02 inches). If you have a non-standard size handle bars, has other adapters and accessories available on their site. The pet bike basket also has a long carry strap that means you can use the Cocoon as a shoulder bag and a mesh dome.


If you choose to buy the Cocoon as a Car Seat, the basket has a leash set that comes with it to tether your dog inside. The car seat also comes with a shoulder strap and a mesh dome. If you want the Cocoon to be more of a booster seat for your pet, an additional leash set must be purchased. Then you can secure the basket around the headrest of your car.


The DoggyRide Cocoon will carry up to 15 pounds of dog or perhaps you might use it to carry groceries or other non-pet items.dr4









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Choosing Between the Pet Gear Traveler Bags

PG1280OBThe Pet Gear carrier bags have multiple uses, making them very popular pet accessories. The I GO Traveler series includes four carriers: The I-GO2, I-GO2 Escort, I-GO2 Sport, and I-GO Plus Traveler.

All four carriers can be used as a roller bag by extending the telescoping handle. They can be used as a car seat when you thread the seat belt through the seat belt straps on the back of each carrier. You also need to extend the carrier strap and put it around the head rest, securing it on both sides of the carrier. They have straps tucked into the back that can turn the carrier into a backpack. Attach the carry strap to the outside rings to make it a shoulder carrier. Finally, you can carry the bag as a tote.

The main difference between the bags is the size and the amount of weight each carrier can hold. The Escort and the Sport both hold up to 15 pounds, while the I-Go2 holds 20 pounds and the Plus holds 25 pounds.

The I-GO2 Traveler (16″L x 12″W x 15″H) and the Escort (14″L x 9″W x 19″H) can both be expanded an extra 3 inches by unzipping the sides.

The Sport, which only comes in a blue color, is the smallest of the four bags (12″L x 8″W x 17.5″H). The Plus is the largest of the carriers: 16″L x 13.5″W x 17.5″H).


Find these pet carriers and other Pet Gear products at

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How To Measure Your Pet For a Carrier

Most pet carriers that have wheels are soft-sided. They also have mesh ventilation which makes it easy for your pet to be able to see around him, to get fresh air and also to breathe comfortably.

Sherpa Pet Ultimate on Wheels
Sherpa Pet Ultimate on Wheels


To determine the minimum length and height requirement of the carrier you should choose, be sure to measure your pet. Measure from the floor to the top of your pet’s shoulder for his height. The length will be a measurement from your pet’s neck to the base of the tail. Add 2-3 inches in each direction so you’re sure your pet is able to turn around inside the carrier.sherpa-sizing-chart


Snoozer RollAround

Similar to strollers, the weight limit stated is only a guide. You certainly do not want to purchase a carrier that isn’t capable of supporting your pet’s weight. It is wise to choose a pet carrier that is able to hold about 5 more pounds than your dog weighs.


For example, a Shih Tzu that weighs 12 lbs, and measures 14″ long and 9″ high will fit comfortably in a Pet Gear World Traveler with Wheels, large size. He will also be happy in a medium Sherpa Pet carrier with wheels, and the Snoozer Roll Around, to name a few.


More wheeled pet carriers can be found at

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Comparing Three Pet Bike Baskets

Taking your dog along with you on your bike ride ensures a good time for both dog and owner. Choosing the right pet bike basket is key. You need to make sure you pick one that will fit on your bicycle and that is the right size for your pet. I picked three different pet bike baskets to examine. One or more may be appealing and suit your needs just perfectly.

The DoggyRide Cocoon Pet Basket was recently redesigned and is now stronger and more sturdy than before. It is made of 70 denier polyester, which makes it easy to clean with a wet cloth. You can choose to close the mesh dome, or keep it open, and there is a plastic cover included for rainy days. The cocoon pet basket easily attaches to the bike handlebar using the KLICKfix adapter (included). The KLICKfix fits onto handlebars that are between 22 and 26mm (.87-1.02 inches) in diameter. Attach the shoulder strap to the Cocoon to use it as a pet carrier. Purchase an additional tether and the Cocoon can be used as a pet car seat. The Cocoon pet basket comes in Green or Red and can hold up to 15 pounds. The dimensions of the Cocoon are: 15″H x 14.5″L x 10″W



Snoozer makes the Pet Rider pet bike basket which is a carrier that fits onto the rear of the bicycle. You will need to have a rear bike rack in order to attach the Pet Rider to your bike. The Pet Rider has a removable quilted cover that is washable. The interior has a cozy fleece lining and a 3-point safety strap. A reflective strip is sewn into the cover for added safety. This pet bike basket can carry up to 24 pounds and measures: 19″L x 16″W x 10″H


Solvit makes the stylish Tagalong Wicker Pet Bike Basket, which is made of a synthetic rattan material. It has a removable sun shade and a washable sheepskin liner. In the pet basket is an adjustable safety leash and plenty of room for your pet up to 13 pounds. The Tagalong bike basket measures: 15″L x 11″W x 9.5″H. The Tagalong attaches to the bike handlebar with a 3-way adjustable bracket that fits onto any bicycle. The bike basket releases from the bracket easily, with one hand.



You can find these pet bike baskets, as well as others at