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3 Pet Bike Trailers That Convert To Strollers

The motivation to get outside and an exercise often comes when you look into your dog’s eyes. There is nothing better than having a partner while walking, running or biking. Many large dogs aren’t able to make that long run or walk, due to age or injury, but still want to come along. DoggyRide, PetEgo, and Solvit each make a pet cabin that you can use as a bike trailer or as a stroller. You can purchase all three as just a pet bike trailer and add on the stroller kit. Doggyride has the option to buy only the stroller or only the bike trailer.

Comfort Wagon

comfort wagon

DoggyRide Novel Trailernovel trailer


Solvit Houndabout – houndabout

All three trailers ride on air-filled tires. This is desired in a bike trailer because the air-filled tires will do a good job of gripping the ground and keeping the trailer steady while in motion. All three have cabins that fold easily and the tires quickly release to come off the cabin. Solvit has a Medium and Large size and the large will hold 110 pounds. Doggyride Novel comes in two colors and has the option to choose a regular stroller kit or the jogger wheel. PetEgo Comfort Wagon has a Medium and Large Size and can carry 165 pounds.

Please go to to see a wide variety of Pet Strollers and Pet Bike Trailers!

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A Closer Look at Pet Stroller Wheels

Pet strollers are available with one of two types of wheels: air-filled or EVA foam. E.V.A. stands for ethylene vinyl acetate and is simply a sturdy, molded plastic. Let’s take a closer look at the two types of dog stroller wheels.

Advantages of EVA tires include:

  • Lighter weight than air-filled tires, which is beneficial when folding and carrying the stroller and when stopping a moving stroller
  • They don’t flatten
  • You don’t need to inflate them or replace them
EVA Tire

Reasons to choose air-filled tires:

  • Traction on uneven road is better with air-filled tires compared to EVA
  • The stroller is easier to maneuver off-road with air-filled tires
  • Air-filled tires provide a smoother ride than EVA 
  • In some strollers, having heavier tires makes the stroller sturdier

Some people prefer the smoother ride for their pet and better traction when off-road, with the air-filled tires, while others like the idea of not needing to maintain the tires and managing a lighter weight stroller. There isn’t much maintenance with the air-filled wheels, however, and some strollers include a portable pump.

Examples of air-filled tires on pet strollers are the Pet Gear Jogger, PetZip Happy Trailer, the Solvit Houndabout, and DoggyRide trailers. 

Examples of EVA foam tires on pet strollers are Pet Gear AT3, PetZip 1st Class Jogger, PetZip Monogram and the KittyWalk Original SUV.

Find these and many other pet strollers at

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Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller

In the past year, Gen7Pets has updated their popular Regal stroller and it is now called the Regal Plus. The newer version includes a parent tray on the handle. The Regal Plus comes in three patterns: Raspberry, Gray Shadow, and Starry Night. The Starry Night pattern is brand new!gen7pets-starry-night-regal-plus-stroller

The Gen7Pets company is well-known for their innovation in pet stroller features. The Regal Plus stroller has three of the “smart features” that makes their products easy to use: 

  • Smart-Canopy (after the canopy is unzipped, you are able to tuck in underneath instead of it hanging down)
  • Smart-Reach (38″ between the handle bar and the ground)
  • Smart-Basket (the storage basket underneath zips closed)

The Regal Plus stroller also has the following components that make it a product you want to own:

  • Rear Storage Pouch and Storage Pocket
  • Front Convertible Wheels
  • Front Wheel Shock Absorbers
  • Rear Wheel Brakes
  • Reversible, Machine-Washable Pad
  • Interior Safety Tether
  • Hidden Front Steel Bar (for a safe enclosure)
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Easy assembly without tools
  • Maximum Pet Weight: 25 lbs.
  • Interior Dimensions: 22″ long x 11″ wide x 21.5″ high
  • Stroller Weight: 11 lbs.
  • Overall Dimensions: 38″ long x 17″ wide x 38″ high
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PetZip Products Will Return

Pet Zip pet strollerSome folks have noticed that it’s really hard to find certain PetZip pet strollers, like the Pet Happy Trailer and the Monogram. Pet Zip is redesigning many of their products and they will return in the spring. Pet Zip is known for their award-winning pet strollers, like the 1st Class Jogger and the stylish Mochi. will again carry PetZip strollers when they return in the spring!

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Doggyride Caters To Immobile Pets

original-dog-strollerDoggyride pet strollers are made for pets that weigh as much as 110 pounds! A pet stroller may seem unnecessary to you until there is an injury. Many times an injury leads to a surgery which means a lot of time that your pet is not able to get outside to exercise.

Doggyride makes a mini pet stroller for pets up to 55 pounds and the Original/Novel strollers for pets up to 110 pounds. Each stroller is easy to assemble and is comfortable in which to ride. There is strong support on the sides of the cabin. This is good when your dog leans into the sides, he won’t rub the moving tires. For extra support you can get an additional pet mat, for the cabin floor, that is 3 inches thick.

Doggyride uses air-filled tires for a very smooth and shock absorbent ride. There is plenty of ventilation for your pet, with a sunroof and mesh on the sides. The rear wheels have a push-release mechanism so are easy to remove. The cabin will also serve as a crate. This stroller fits easily in the rear of an SUV or a wagon. The Doggyride strollers are also sold as bike trailers.


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Cats In Strollers: We Just Wanna Have Fun!

Andy was an indoor-outdoor cat until something attacked him one day. Who knows what actually happened. It could have been a mouse-catching operation gone awry, or maybe he mistook a raccoon for the family dog he likes to taunt. He came in for some love and a meal that day and his face was bloody. He had a gash underneath his eye.

After several trips to the vet and several hundred dollars later, Andy was an indoor only cat. Like many cats, every time the door opens, he moves into stealth mode and tries to get out.  Mostly his efforts fail, but the humans tend to feel badly that he can no longer go hunting. A cat stroller is a viable alternative. He can’t prowl on land, but he does get to see and feel the outdoors like the good old days.

KittyWalk Systems designed strollers especially for cats. All of their stylish strollers have a 360 degree view. Andy likes the 5th Avenue Luxury stroller in blue, of course. The stroller is great for cruising the neighborhood and park. This is not a jogging stroller and shouldn’t be compared to one. The smaller, swivel wheels mean that the stroller is meant for mostly smooth terrain. Andy is not a cat that would appreciate an all out run, so a stroller for walking is just right for him. The sturdy, claw-proof mesh is an attractive feature. He can go in the front or the rear opening. At first, Andy spent a few days with the stroller sitting in the living room, so he could check it out. The cabin is removable from the frame so he can just pop into the stroller after a car ride to the park.

KittyWalk Systems makes eleven strollers to suit the needs of choosy pet owners. Check out KittyWalk strollers at


Original SUV Pet Stroller

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Pet Gear Travel Lite Stroller

Pet Gear reinvented the Travel Lite stroller for pets up to 15 pounds. This is a perfect stroller for airports, shopping centers and trips to the park or the vet. The stroller itself only weighs 9 pounds and has double front and back wheels for stability and ease of steering. The Travel Lite folds easily and folds flat to fit into small spaces and car trunks. You don’t have to assemble this stroller, it works right out of the box! It has a tether inside to connect your pet’s leash and the height from the ground to the handles is 38 inches. The high handle height means you are less likely to kick the wheels when walking with your pet. Cats and dogs alike love the massive view through the zippered mesh front. The Travel Lite comes in three different weather-resistant fabrics: Black, Blue and Pink.









Find all Pet Gear Strollers at PERFECTPETSTROLLER.COM

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Who Needs a Pet Stroller?

Monaco Pet Stroller

You may need a pet stroller if:

  • Your dog or cat just had surgery and is not able to move around independently.
  • Your dog or cat loves the outdoors, but is elderly or medically fragile.
  • You travel a lot and pets are required to be in covered compartments.
  • You like to take your pet everywhere you go, shopping, restaurants, but not every place allows pets
  • You love to jog with your dogs, but one dog can run further than the other. carries a wide variety of pet strollers, bike trailers and wheeled carriers

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Gen7Pets Releases The Monaco Stroller

monaco-002This brand new pet stroller is made of lightweight aluminum (18 lbs) and has many special features. To start, it has a removable storage basket. I haven’t seen that on any other stroller! The basket has carry straps so you can use it separately. This is also the first non-zip stroller for Gen7Pets. The canopy closes with a latch. As with many of their strollers, the canopy will tuck underneath, when open, so it doesn’t flop down on your pet. The handle height is 39″ tall so there is plenty of room to walk or run behind this stroller.

The Monaco handle has an easy folding mechanism that you only need one hand to maneuver. The double front wheel swivels, but you are also able to lock it in place. Three-wheeled pet strollers are easy to navigate on rough as well as smooth road. This stroller will carry up to 60 pounds and has EVA foam (never flat) wheels. The Monaco has two safety leashes inside the cabin and has a paw rest because many pets like to get a better view of the outdoors. Choose from three different patterns, Black Geometric, Red Geometric and Dress Blues.monaco-000


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Pets In Nursing Homes

pets in nursing homesThe benefits of owning a pet are well-known. Pets improve the quality of life for many humans. I’ve known plenty of people who prefer the company of dogs and cats over other humans! When we get older, this phenomenon potentially becomes even more evident; pets are good company, they give people a purpose, a sense of responsibility.

As your physical, and mental, capacity declines the need for nursing, or personal care home, placement becomes greater. It’s been the norm not to accept pets at these residences. Lately, however, may nursing facilities are allowing residents to bring their pets with them, or the facilities are adopting their own pets for community enjoyment. Animals that are taking up residence in nursing homes include dogs, cats, birds, ducks, fish, even miniature pigs. Giving up your residence is a signal to some that you are giving up your independence. Asking people to give up their beloved companions, often of many years, seems cruel. Kudos to all the facilities that encourage and adopt pets!


Often pets need to be in carriers or strollers when in public areas of nursing homes. Consider getting a pet stroller at