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Croozer Mini Pet Trailer and Stroller

Croozer MiniTake your small dog (45 pounds or less) on a bike ride or on a long walk with the Croozer Mini. The Croozer Mini is a pet trailer and a stroller. When you order the Croozer, you will receive all the necessary parts to make the cabin either a bike trailer or a stroller. This is unusal, as many pet trailers require you to purchase the stroller kit separately. The cabin folds flat for storage and also will serve as a crate for your dog in the car, minus the wheels.  The cabin floor space measues: 24″L x 21″W x 22″H.

Croozer Mini Trailer


Find the Croozer Pet Trailer and Stroller and the Mini at

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Gen7Pets Jogger On Sale Now!

The Gen7Pets Jogger is on sale big time until the end of November! You cannot go wrong with this pet stroller. It is roomy, the interior dimensions are 26″L x 14″W x 22″H.This jogger has a 41 inch handle height, which is one of the highest of jogger strollers. The zippers are already threaded and are thick. Gen7Pets added 5 of their ‘SMART’ features to this stroller, including a storage basket that zips closed, easy, one-hand, folding mechanism, EVA tires that never flatten, and the 41 inch handle height. The Jogger will carry up to 75 pounds of pet. Use the stroller to walk or run, to carry one pet or two, this low price likely will not return. Choose from Red or Blue.



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KittyWalk Strollers on Sale Now!

In an effort to boost sales, Kittywalk has reduced prices on several of their pet strollers. Kittywalk Systems is known for their high-quality materials and well-constructed pet products. My favorite is the Original SUV stroller! All of the Kittywalk strollers have a removable carrier and a lightweight folding frame.  The wheels are sturdy and durable. These strollers have a unique metal and leather clasp system for closing the carrier. The SUV models of the strollers are larger in size and will carry more weight than the standard models. Check out to see the lowered prices.

Original SUV Pet Stroller

Original SUV Pet Stroller

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Big Dogs in Strollers?

What? Who would ever think a big dog would need a stroller? After talking with many people at an animal shelter fundraiser this weekend, that was the question most often asked. So many people are active with their pets and/or avid exercisers that a pet stroller would never come up on the radar.

A big revelation for people was the bicycle trailer for pets. Long bike rides are hard on the paws of the dog that is running beside you. A bike trailer allows you to keep on riding and rest you weary dog. The same goes for the runners. Some dogs will run all day, but many need some rest. Whether overheated, irritated paw pads, or just plain old tired, a little riding is a blessing.

Doggyride makes the perfect stroller for the avid runner. The Original and Novel Jogger-Strollers have a wheel alignment system that keeps the stroller from veering to one side or the other. It is not difficult to calibrate and is very helpful if you have a dog that likes to change positions a lot!

Doggyride uses the same stable cabin for the pet bike trailers. With little effort, you attach the bike trailer to your rear wheel and load up.

 is your store for Doggyride

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G7 Jogger in Blue!

Gen7Pets just released their ever popular G7 Jogger in a new color. Trailblazer Blue is now available. It’s the same great G7 Jogger, but now with color options.



This high-end stroller still contains all the smart features you expect from Gen7Pets products:

  • Smart-Zippers™ – No  need to thread the zippers, easy, one-handed zipping
  • Smart-Canopy™ – Canopy folds into the stroller and out of the way
  • Smart-Basket™ – Storage basket is under the cabin and zips closed
  • Smart-Reach™ – Enjoy a 42 inch handle height
  • Smart-Fold™ – Easy, one-handed folding
  • Smart-Wheels™ – Durable, EVA foam tires that never go flat



Find the Gen7Pets Jogger in Blue at


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3 Human Foods For Cats

Most cats are love to check out what you are eating. It seems they will eat almost anything in addition to their cat food. It is fun to give them a “special treat.” as it makes us feel happy that they might be happy. However, cats really only need the nourishment that comes from cat food. It is alright to give them human food treats, as long as it’s in moderation.


  1. Plain Yoghurt – It is not a good idea to give your cat flavored yoghurt because they are unable to digest the fructose sugar that is usually an ingredient.
  2. Cheese – Avoid soft cheeses, like Brie, but cats do love a good cheddar or even cottage cheese.
  3. Eggs – It’s not a good idea to give your cat a raw egg, but scrambled or hard-boiled is a tasty treat.

We all know that cats love fish, and canned tuna is a delicacy for them, but be careful not to give them too much fish. Fish is deficient in Vitamin E and cats could develop a condition called “yellow fat disease” if they eat too much human- food fish.


Find Cat Strollers at

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3 Big Dog Stroller Considerations

There are several reasons to lead you to buy a pet stroller for your big dog. One reason is that your big dog is older and less mobile. Although these dogs still need their exercise, they may only be able to run or walk short distances before needing a break.doggyride_novel_joggerstroller

A second reason is an injury to your big dog. This is surely a temporary set back, but a pet stroller can be part of the rehabilitation program for your dog. Enjoying the outdoors is a much better option than lying in the house for 6-8 weeks.

A third reason is that you, the owner, are getting older, have an injury, or had surgery. Walking your big dog on a leash might not be feasible for long periods and a pet stroller will ease the strain.

Dogs enjoy the outdoor experience, and there is nothing better than spending time outside as long as possible. A pet stroller will give your big dog a break, or you, while you keep on moving.


Big Dog Strollers are found at a great price at

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The Perfect Travel Stroller

flying_stroller_sideKittyWalk has just released the perfect travel pet stroller! It is both practical and stylish. It fits into the Royale line, to go along with the Royale Classic  and the Royale SUV.

The KittyWalk Flying Pet Stroller will carry up to 30 pounds. It has a detachable carrier, with adjustable straps, so you can check the stroller and carry your pet onto the plane. This way you don’t have to transfer your pet to a different carrier for the flight. The stroller frame fits into the carrier bag for easy checking.


The Flying Stroller has a 32 inch handle height. The carrier measures 20″L x 12″w x 14″H and has three windows with shades and a special window on the top! The carrier buckles easily to the frame when you are on the move and then quickly releases when you are ready to board the plane.  The carrier is 14 inches tall, but is able to collapse to 10 inches, allowing it to fit under most airline seats.

The Flying Stroller has a large ‘carry all things’ basket just under the parent tray. It also boasts a comfortable, washable interior faux sheepskin pad cover. Check out the New Flying Pet Stroller at

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Wild Animal Print Pet Strollers

g7imperialTake your pet on a wild ride in a wild animal print pet stroller! Gen 7 Pets has added two high-quality fabrics, Zebra and Cheetah, to their pet stroller line. The Imperial is their high-end buggy that has an aluminum frame and a large pet compartment (26″ long, 11.25″wide, 22″high). This pram-style carriage has a zebra print interior pad and zebra print accents. This stroller will hold up to 40 pounds, has two ways to enter the cabin and a 40 inch handle height.


The Promenade model has proved to be one of the most popular pet strollers available. The three wheel design is comfortable to push and easy to steer. The Promenade will hold 50 pounds and has two interior safety leashes, making it perfect for two pets.


Find out much more about Gen7Pets strollers at

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Gen7Pets Regal Plus

Recently Gen7Pets updated the Regal pet stroller to add a parent tray for the handle, thicker zippers and a second interior safety belt. It is now sold as the Regal Plus.


The Regal Plus has many high-end features that are typically only found on more expensive strollers. Three wheels are usually on the larger, heavier jogging strollers. The Regal front wheel swivels or is able to be locked when traveling over uneven terrain. This stroller is very light at 11 pounds and will hold 25 pounds of pet. The Regal Plus has a Smart basket, which zippers your items closed. The handle height is 38 inches from the ground and the stroller folds flat for easy storage. carriers all Gen7Pets Strollers