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Farting Dogs

Certainly all dogs have the capability of passing gas, and this can be due to one of several circumstances. First, your dog might be eating too many table scraps. Or, he might just be swallowing too much air when he eats. It’s also possible he might have trouble digesting carbohydrates.

It’s quite enjoyable to blame any foul smell on the dog, but sometimes it is true! After polling a multitude of friends, acquaintances and relatives, plus consulting several web sources, the following dog breeds have been found to fart the most:dog farting



1. Watchful and oh, so loyal, the German Shepherd feels free to let them fly whenever and wherever!

2. Intelligent and perfect family dogs, the short-snouted Pug regularly makes stinks.

3. The playful and energetic Boxer can clear a room in a heartbeat.

4. The Bulldog, oh, the Bulldog. Very gassy.

5. The Labrador Retriever is a well-known gas-bag. They need plenty of exercise and possibly a change in diet if this seems to be a problem for your Lab.


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Don’t Let Your Dog Get Overheated

In many parts of the country, this summer has been slightly cooler than the previous three summers, but we still have had waves of significant heat. There are days where not only the blazing hot temperatures, but the sky-high humidity, contributes to your pet overheating. Obviously the goal is to keep your pet exercised, happy and healthy, so long walks in the wicked hot weather are not a good idea.English Bulldog Panting

It is best, if possible, to walk you dog early in the morning or at dusk. Another problem pets encounter is hot concrete and asphalt. These surfaces can damage your pet’s paw pads, so waiting until they cool off is advisable.

Animals with flat faces, such as Bulldogs, Pugs and Persian cats, are particularly vulnerable to overheating. Even though dogs and cats pant to cool themselves, if it’s too hot they can’t get all the moisture out of their lungs.

It’s not a good idea to leave your pet in the car, even with the windows down. The car is like an oven and may lead to danger for your pet. Always have cool water available for your pet, as they need to be able to drink as often as they choose.

If you see that your pet is panting too heavily, having difficulty breathing, having an increased heart rate, weakness, diarrhea, vomiting or seizures, then you need to get your pet to the vet as soon as possible.

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The Bulldog vs Hot Weather

The Bulldog is one of the short-muzzled breeds that has an elongated soft palate. The soft palate, along with the hard palate, forms the roof of the mouth. It helps prevent food and liquids from getting into the nasal passages when swallowing. This flap hangs in the airway canal or falls into the larynx during inhalation. The result is noisy breathing, snorting and snoring. When these dogs get overheated, they tend to breathe more rapidly and the soft palate swells, causing them to gag in an effort to clear their airway.White-English-Bulldog-Types-of-Dogs

It is important not to over-exert a bulldog when the weather is hot. They prefer a more stationary lifestyle! If your bulldog does appear to be overheated, a cool, wet towel under his feet, or sponging off his body, is a good idea. A squirt of lemon juice in the mouth is helpful too.

Bulldogs are one of the most popular dogs to own. They have been voted the best family dog. In 2012, the American Kennel Club rated the English Bulldog in the top 6 of most popular dog breeds, a distinction they haven’t seen in the last 75 years. Bulldogs are owned by many celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler and Pink, which adds to their appeal. They are also the 3rd most popular team mascot for schools in America.

Who can resist the lovable, low-maintenance bulldog?

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How Pets Can Reduce Loneliness

It is very common for people to experience periods of loneliness in life. Studies have shown that one-quarter of all adults experience painful loneliness every few weeks, and the incidence in adolescents and college students is even higher. Loneliness can be defined as:

  • Being alone and you don’t choose to be by yourself
  • Not having attachments that you may have had in the past
  • Finding yourself in an unfamiliar situation; like a new city or a new job
  • Feeling as though you have no one with which to share experiences or problems
  • Having a poor perception of yourself as not being capable of engaging in relationships with others


Clyde_The_BulldogFeeling lonely does not mean you have a flaw in your personality. It should not be viewed as a situation that cannot be changed. It is important to realize that you have some control over your level of loneliness.  Being socially connected is an important concept as it is central to a person’s overall sense of well-being. National studies have concluded that having a strong social connectedness (e.g. to a neighborhood or larger community) and healthy relationships, leads to a higher quality of life and a greater ability to contribute to the health of the community. Being socially isolated long-term can lead to mental and physical health problems.

Many people turn to pets when they feel lonely or isolated. Pets provide a sense of responsibility and purposefulness. Pets, especially dogs, encourage you to develop an exercise routine, which then leads to a greater chance of being social. Walking a dog invites other people to stop and pet your dog and then have a conversation with you. There is also a tremendous sense of comfort that comes with a pet relationship. Petting an animal has been proven to reduce stress levels in people, and to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Owning and taking care of a pet is one way to reduce feelings of loneliness.

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Do They Hear What We Hear?

cropped-pug-dog-wallpaper.jpgHertz is a term used in audio to describe frequency or tone. It is also known as cycles per second and is abbreviated as Hz. A single Hertz is one wave cycle from crest to crest. Human hearing is sensitive to frequencies or tones ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hertz, or 20Hz to 20kHz. It is named after Heinrich Hertz, a German physicist. The term kHz means kiloHertz (thousands of Hertz) and mHz means megaHertz (millions of Hertz).

Examples: The electricity of an AC wall outlet is said to have a frequency of 60 Hertz as it cycles negative then positive 60 times each second. Sound is an oscillating wave, but it has a broad range of frequencies. A low-frequency sound (say 50 Hz) might sound like a low rumble, while a high frequency sound (say 12,000 Hz), might sound more like a “sizzle”. A person with normal hearing can hear up to about 20,000 Hz.cropped-yorkie-wallpaper.jpg

When puppies are born, they do  not hear until around the 21st day of life. When their hearing develops, dogs are more attuned to high frequency sounds (beyond 12,000Hz) and also very faint sounds, than are humans. The approximate range of hearing for dogs is 64hz-45,000Hz. A typical dog whistle frequency ranges from 16kHz-22kHz. Many dogs bark at vacuum cleaners because they can hear a high-pitched sound in the motor that humans do not hear.

Dogs with ears that stand up generally hear better than dogs that have floppy ears, especially when the perked ears can rotate in the direction of the sounds they hear. Also, dogs do lose their hearing as they age, much the same as humans do.

Keeping your dog healthy and doing your best to protect him from sudden sharp and loud noises will help preserve their keen sense of hearing.


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Getting a Taste of the Outdoors

My cat, Andy, is 9 years old but I’ve only had him 3 years. Andy is a red, long-haired, oh so loving feline who probably spent some time outdoors. Sadly, Andy had some troubles in his earlier 6 years because he’s blind in one eye and many of his teeth are missing. I’m not sure whether he was mistreated or whether he was struck by a car or some other object. Andy is definitely a cat who looks longingly, through the screen door, at the outdoors. He lets out a “meow” every so often, possibly protesting his indoor status.

I had never taken him for an outside adventure until taking him for a walk in a pet stroller. I’ve seen many outdoor cat enclosures that also look appealing, but I am more interested in getting some exercise myself.


It does seem that Andy’s spirits are up since going out for walks in his pet stroller. The bounce in his step might be attributed to the better weather, but I’ve seen him go into the stroller just to sit there. He seems to be happy feeling the breeze, listening to the birds and woodpeckers and sniffing the air. He lays down in one direction and then shifts and looks out the back window.SONY DSC

The particular stroller pictured above is the KittyWalk Original SUV. The KittyWalk strollers have a removable carrier, which is convenient when taking Andy to the vet. Andy has diabetes and so has frequent vet visits. The KittyWalk strollers use high quality fabrics and soft, scratch-resistant netting. It is an easy to assemble, durable and attractive pet stroller.


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How to Get Your Dog to Like a Stroller

Some dogs leap right into strollers and car seats, while others are much more cautious.

My first suggestion is to open up the stroller, put the brake on, and set it in a room where your dog is likely to explore it. Be sure the brake is on so he’s not frightened by any movement. Let him sniff it, walk around it, look inside it and generally try to figure it out. You can place a chair next to it, so he can jump up and hopefully go inside the stroller. Strollers that have a lower point of entry are sometimes more inviting because they can just be unzipped.

Consider putting you dog’s bed inside the cabin of the stroller, a favorite toy and/or a small treat. When it seems like your dog is somewhat comfortable sitting inside the stroller, take him for a stroll around the room.

Allow your dog to investigate and get used to the stroller for a few days to a week. This is usually all it takes for your dog to like a stroller.


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7 Cool Cat Facts

Cats are fascinating creatures and I’m always curious to know what makes them tick. I recently stumbled onto some cat facts that I thought I would share:


  1. Cats don’t like their food too hot or too cold. Since their prey in the wild is basically room temperature, that’s how they want their cat chow.
  2. Most cats are ambidextrous, but curiously about 40% of them have either a dominant right or left paw.
  3. Cats see in color. They also have fantastic night vision. They only need 1/6th of the light that humans need to see.
  4. A group of kittens is called a Kindle and a group of adult cats is called a Clowder.
  5. Cats only meow at people, not at other cats.
  6. Cats all fall the same way; they rotate their head, twist their spine, realign their rear legs and then arch their back before landing on their feet.
  7. Like human fingerprints, cats all have a unique nose pad. No two nose pads are alike!



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Frenchie Friends

The French Bulldog might arguably be the cutest small dog out there!


The have truly irresistible jowls and soft, soft ears. Their sad-looking eyes make you want to love them for hours at a time. I’d say the most difficult part of being a Frenchie owner is that they can be hard to potty train. If you get them early then it’s easier to get a routine going, but we got one of ours at 6 months of age and he’s been a total bugger. It is an ongoing process!

Luckily, all the positives outweigh the negatives and I wouldn’t trade in our two dogs for anything. Watch dogs they are not. They are the laziest little dogs I have ever seen. They sleep all the time, with brief interludes of running outside and barking at the neighbor’s dog. One likes to fetch a small ball and the other likes to destroy the ball.

Grooming the Frenchie is a non-issue. They shed very lightly and never need to be brushed. It’s a good idea to wipe their nose folds and their ears with a soft pad and vinegar so they don’t get funky. They love kids, love each other and love to snuggle. As with all dogs, they are overwhelmed with glee every single time they see you! What could be better?

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Is My Pet Fat?

All too often people think they are doing their pets a favor by giving them scraps of fat from a roast or other tasty morsels from the table. Animals of course love it and we don’t really know when enough is enough. Many people aren’t aware of the many consequences of an overweight pet and tend to feel bad restricting calorie intake.

Approximately half of all dogs and cats in American homes are overweight or obese. Health problems such as heart disease and diabetes are common in these animals. Many fat animals suffer from hip and cruciate ligament tears because it is challenging to carry around so many extra pounds. Animals that get so big they can’t ambulate leads to a poor quality of life, expensive vet bills and a shortened life span.fat-cat

Attempting to get a fat cat or dog back into shape doesn’t necessarily mean taking them on a 5 mile walk, though. Too much exercise for an overweight pet can exacerbate or create hip and ligament problems. Short bouts of a little exercise is ideal at the beginning, especially if your pet is not used to getting out and about. Calorie restriction should be well thought out also.

It can be dangerous for a cat to go hungry because the body will send stores of fat to the liver which will then be converted to glucose. But if there is too much fat in the liver then it can take over the healthy cells and cause hepatitis. It is important to gradually change a fat pet’s diet so they don’t suffer any ill-health effects.

There are many higher protein content pet foods that cost more than their fatty counterparts, but are better for your pet in the long run. The body uses these types of pet foods more efficiently and they need less of it. One great example is Innova dog food. Also, short stints of exercise several times a day is a good way to start shaving off those pounds.


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