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Doggyride Caters To Immobile Pets

original-dog-strollerDoggyride pet strollers are made for pets that weigh as much as 110 pounds! A pet stroller may seem unnecessary to you until there is an injury. Many times an injury leads to a surgery which means a lot of time that your pet is not able to get outside to exercise.

Doggyride makes a mini pet stroller for pets up to 55 pounds and the Original/Novel strollers for pets up to 110 pounds. Each stroller is easy to assemble and is comfortable in which to ride. There is strong support on the sides of the cabin. This is good when your dog leans into the sides, he won’t rub the moving tires. For extra support you can get an additional pet mat, for the cabin floor, that is 3 inches thick.

Doggyride uses air-filled tires for a very smooth and shock absorbent ride. There is plenty of ventilation for your pet, with a sunroof and mesh on the sides. The rear wheels have a push-release mechanism so are easy to remove. The cabin will also serve as a crate. This stroller fits easily in the rear of an SUV or a wagon. The Doggyride strollers are also sold as bike trailers.


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  1. Would love to have the full size for a foster dogs who have problems. Great idea

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