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A Dog’s Advice to People

small-dog-stockHave you ever wondered what your dog is thinking? I often look at my dogs who lie stretched out, snoring, on the couch and think, “what a life.” On days when I’m running around like a crazy person, driving kids here and there or stressing out about getting things done on time, I’m betting my dogs just think: “Slow down, it’s really okay.”


  • Relax a little! Dogs do give off the relaxation vibe that we would all truly benefit from if we tried it. Taking on tasks or challenges as they come, rather than letting yourself get overwhelmed.
  • Sleep some more. Wow, if we could only take as many naps as the dog!


  • Treat people with kindness. Your dog has unconditional love for you and is always happy to see you. We are often presented with situations and people who make us angry, but figuring out how to keep it all in perspective can be an art form!dogstogether


  • Give that person who scorned you a second chance. Don’t hold a grudge. Dogs have short-term memories, they are always willing to forgive and move on.


  • You are never too old to play. We don’t have that much time on this earth, so live it up!dog-playing-and-catching-a-frisbee-hd-animal-wallpaper-dogs

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