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Two New Pet Gear No-Zip Strollers

pgnzjogThe popularity of the Pet Gear No-Zip pet strollers is overwhelming. The NV, Special Edition and Happy Trails strollers all have the No-Zip feature. The hidden bar around the edge of the pet compartment creates a comfortable paw rest for the pet who likes to look out of the stroller. Instead of a zipper enclosing the pet compartment, there is a latch that closes it. Many people feel that the latch is quicker and easier to get a pet in and out of the stroller, compared to a zipper.

Pet Gear has just released the Jogger and the AT3 with the No-Zip feature. Interestingly, the cabin size is the same size  (30″L x 13″W x 22″H) for the Jogger, AT3 and the NV. The differences are the following:

  • The NV weight limit is 75 pounds. It comes with an air pump and a weather cover. Stroller height to handle is 42 inches.
  • The Jogger weight limit is 70 pounds. It comes with an air pump. Stroller height to handle is 41.5 inches.
  • The AT3 weight limit is 60 pounds and has “never-flat” EVA tires. Stroller height to handle is 41.5 inches.



These strollers and other Pet Gear products can be found at


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