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All About The Pet Ego Sport Trike Stroller

sport trike5Pet Ego,based out of Chicago, IL, makes high quality products to meet the needs of your pet. The Sport Trike Stroller (STS) is an exceptional product because of its versatility. The sturdy, three-wheeled design promotes stability when walking, jogging or running. The handle is adjustable to accommodate people of different heights. Handle height is important because you want to have enough “kick” room when walking or running behind a stroller. Kicking the tires is not fun. The maximum handle height for the STS is 37 inches.

The frame of the STS is grey and made of aluminum. The frame, with the wheels, weighs 19 pounds. The wheels are easy to detach for storage in a tight space. Otherwise the stroller has a quick release button to collapse for transport and storage.pet_ego-sport_trike_stroller_collapsible_pet_stroller-sts-5

The STS frame can be used with the Sport Wagon Bag, the Universal Sport Bag or the Jet Set Carrier.  Each carrier has a sturdy, supportive bottom panel and adjustable straps to fit it onto the Sport Trike Stroller frame. Each can carry a maximum of 20 pounds. The carriers are airline trike1

The Sport Wagon Bag is one of Petego’s sportiest and safest pet carriers. It can be opened or closed from inside with an easy Velcro lock and it has large pockets all the way around. The SWB has a wide top opening, safety leash and honeycomb polypropylene bottom panel that was designed for the safety and comfort of your pet. The Sport Wagon Bag comes with a comfort pillow.STS_SWB06

The Sport Wagon Bag, Universal Sport Bag and Jet Set Carrier can all be used as car seats. This is handy if you need to travel by car to get to your strolling destination.

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