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Dogtra StarWalk Activity Tracker

You already know about the many different fitness tracking devices for people, and now there is one for your dog! The Dogtra IQ StarWalk is a motivator for you to get your dog (and yourself) to be more active. The Starwalk measures:

  • Total Steps
  • Calories Burned
  • Active Time
  • Activity Type
  • Distance Traveled
  • Temperature

starwalkYou can set goals for your dog each day and keep track of the goals through the App you download onto your phone.  The Starwalk is a small star-shaped device that runs on a rechargeable, Lithium-Ion battery and fits comfortably onto the collar of your dog. It is compatible with many Smart phones.

Maybe you want to set alerts to remind you, or whoever may be caring for your dog, to give medication, or that a play date time is approaching. The Starwalk has six lights that are customizable to meet your needs. The light or lights will flash when an alert has been set. You will also receive a notification on your phone, so it is almost like your dog is texting you!

The activity levels that the Starwalk measures includes activity by rest, walk and play. Rest means little to no activity, walk is a moderate-paced movement, and play is intense activity. Your dog’s data is represented in 2-hour increments. You can view all the data by day, month, or year.

The Dogtra Starwalk is an exciting new way to get motivated to be more active and fit with your dog!


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