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Taking Care of Older Dogs

SONY DSCWhere do the years go? Our best friends seem so young until they start having trouble getting around. Our German Shepherd could chase sticks all over the yard, for hours, until large fleshy lumps started to grow on his abdomen. Those tumors got in the way of his walking and we constantly had to right him before he could start moving forward.

Nevertheless, he would slowly make his way to the outside perimeter of our property and “patrol.” He could still bark at deer and squirrels, he just couldn’t chase them anymore. We tried putting him in a wheelbarrow to help him patrol, but he was uncomfortable with the unsteadiness of the vehicle.

We got him a pet stroller, which allowed him to get a taste of the outdoors. He could sit up tall and still survey the property, he just couldn’t choose his path.

Most of us do our best to treat older dogs with as much care, love and respect as we did when they were younger and self-sufficient. The following video is an example of doing our best for our best buddies.



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Will a Pet Stroller Help Your Pet Recover?

HappyDogFor humans, having a positive mental attitude has been shown to increase recovery time after an injury or a surgery. Having a negative attitude may mean we feel depressed, hopeless or cynical about our potential to return to our former state of good health. People in this state of mind tend to detach themselves emotionally from the situation and don’t make much effort to get better.

What do we tell a person who feels like this? We encourage them to do what they can, get outside for some fresh air, take a walk and talk with friends and family. We can make the leap and say this type of phenomenon also occurs in pets.  Pets rely on humans to nurse them back to health.

Recovering dogs need to get outside and visit with friends, even if only with human friends, in order to keep up their spirits. In many cases, physically moving is an important part of the recovery process from an injury or surgery. Fresh air and a cool breeze are key to a positive attitude. PZ 1stclass yellow

Getting your dog outside is easy with the use of a pet stroller. Many people use pet strollers in their everyday lives with their dog or dogs, while others use one temporarily in situations such as following an injury or surgery. Pet strollers have a lined and padded cabin floor, for the comfort of a recovering pet. They have strong suspensions systems so your pet feels safe while the stroller is moving. Many pet strollers have large, air-filled tires which provide a smooth ride, especially over uneven terrain. dr novel dog stroller

There are many strollers that are designed so your dog can stick his head out during the ride. Strollers that ride closer to the ground are optimal for the injured pet due to the lower center of gravity. There is a pet stroller suitable for just about any immobile pet.

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