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7 Reasons To Use a Stroller for Your Large Dog

011_Medium_Strolling_Kit_with_Trailer_hero (1)When most people think about pet strollers, they certainly don’t imagine that a large dog would ever need to be in one. The truth is many large dogs benefit from a ride in a stroller. Pet strollers designed for the larger dog have a low point of entry so it is easier to help them get inside. Larger dogs tend to prefer to ride closer to the ground because there is a stronger center of gravity.

Large dog strollers have solid suspension systems, which keeps the side-to-side movement to a minimum when the stroller is in motion. They are made with durable, weather-resistant fabric and mesh windows which allows for maximum visibility and enjoyment of the breeze. The front wheels swivel making the strollers easy to maneuver. They also have large, air-filled tires which provide a smooth ride for your large dog. Dog strollers are easy to assemble and will fold-up to fit in the trunk of your car or in the closet of your home. Still, why does your large dog need a stroller?

  1. Many large dogs develop fatty tumors as they age that can inhibit mobility. Your dog that used to be able to run for an hour can barely make it around the block. A pet stroller can be used to give your dog a rest.
  2. As dogs age they often gain weight. Extra weight leads to strain on the joints. This problem can also lead to less mobility due to discomfort. The pet stroller can again come to the rescue by allowing your dog to continue to enjoy the outdoors.
  3. Your dog has broken his leg. You are instructed to not allow him to bear any weight on that leg for several weeks. He still wants to be outside so take him for a ride in a pet stroller. Your dog will be happy to be outside and may even get healthy more quickly.
  4. Your dog recently had a surgical procedure that requires him to rest. A pet stroller will make it easier to take your dog to the vet check-ups he will need.
  5. You are an older pet owner and have trouble walking your large dog on a leash for long distances.
  6. You walk multiple large dogs and one needs a break from the action. You can rotate which dog rests and which ones walk.
  7. Walking your dog on busy city streets, to get to the park, may create safety concerns. Use a pet stroller to get him to the park and then he can run until he drops.

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