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PetEgo Pet At Work Carrier

PetEgo makes a backpack style carrier that suits the needs of people who like to be on the move with their small pet. What makes this carrier different from others is that it has a compartment for your laptop or tablet, space for a foldable pet house that is included with the carrier, and of course a space for your pet.


The Petego pet at work comes in two different sizes, small and regular, and can carry a pet up to 13 pounds. The regular size carrier measures 15 inches wide and 16 inches high. There are three potential lengths for the carrier, depending on how much you put inside. With one compartment expanded, the length is 9 inches, with two compartments open, the length is 13 inches and fully expanded makes the carrier 16 inches long.

The foldable pet dome is a cozy safe place for your pet in times when he can’t roam around unattended. ┬áThe dome is nearly three feet long, and 14 inches wide and high. It also has a soft, cushioned pad for the bottom.

pet dome

The Pet At Work Travel system can be found at


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Snoozer Roll Around Pet Carrier

The best-selling Snoozer Roll Around Pet Carrier is popular for good reasons. It has four ways it can be used to safely transport your beloved pet. First, with the telescoping handle, pull your pet through the airport without straining your spine. The small and medium Roll Around models meet most airline standards for carry-on baggage and fit beneath the seat in front of you. However, be sure to check with your airline before traveling with your pet.Roll Around

Second, use the Roll Around as a backpack. Padded backpack straps are located in the rear storage pocket. You just need to attach them to the carrier and off you go.roll around carrier

The third way to use this pet carrier is as a car seat. Thread the seat belt through the straps on the rear of the Roll Around and your pet will be secure in the back seat of the car. The Roll Around has been crash tested, with all zippers closed, at 30 mph (with 30 lbs inside).

snoozer roll aroundFinally, use the Snoozer Roll Around as a pet bed. You just need to unzip the top and bottom mesh panels and secure them to the center support bar. Then lay the carrier on its back.The Roll Around comes in three different sizes and is able to carry pets up to 30 pounds. You can choose from three colors: Red, Khaki or Black. Snoozer products are available at: