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Best Cat Stroller With Detachable Carrier

KittyWalk strollers are truly well-designed and superbly constructed pet strollers. KittyWalk strollers have a fabulous 360 degree view through a soft mesh fabric. Each pet stroller has a detachable carrier that allows you to take your cat into the car and into the vet or other desired location.

Four of the KittyWalk strollers have a regular version and an SUV option that is 30% larger. One difference between the strollers is the fabric used on the privacy compartment. Many cats who ride in strollers enjoy the option to take a break from the action to duck out of sight.kw5thavepink

All the KittyWalk strollers have independently turning front wheels. The wheels on the SUV strollers are larger and better able to navigate over uneven terrain.


All of the strollers have a special latch system on the door openings. This company does not use zippers, but instead a metal and  leather clasp.


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Getting a Taste of the Outdoors

My cat, Andy, is 9 years old but I’ve only had him 3 years. Andy is a red, long-haired, oh so loving feline who probably spent some time outdoors. Sadly, Andy had some troubles in his earlier 6 years because he’s blind in one eye and many of his teeth are missing. I’m not sure whether he was mistreated or whether he was struck by a car or some other object. Andy is definitely a cat who looks longingly, through the screen door, at the outdoors. He lets out a “meow” every so often, possibly protesting his indoor status.

I had never taken him for an outside adventure until taking him for a walk in a pet stroller. I’ve seen many outdoor cat enclosures that also look appealing, but I am more interested in getting some exercise myself.


It does seem that Andy’s spirits are up since going out for walks in his pet stroller. The bounce in his step might be attributed to the better weather, but I’ve seen him go into the stroller just to sit there. He seems to be happy feeling the breeze, listening to the birds and woodpeckers and sniffing the air. He lays down in one direction and then shifts and looks out the back window.SONY DSC

The particular stroller pictured above is the KittyWalk Original SUV. The KittyWalk strollers have a removable carrier, which is convenient when taking Andy to the vet. Andy has diabetes and so has frequent vet visits. The KittyWalk strollers use high quality fabrics and soft, scratch-resistant netting. It is an easy to assemble, durable and attractive pet stroller.


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Pet Stroller Fabric

We see the words “Denier 600 fabric” on many of the dog and cat strollers on the market, but what does that mean?

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Denier, nylon and polyester, is a unit of measuring the weight of a thinly spun fiber.  It tells us how durable the material is, and also the fineness of natural and synthetic fiber filaments and yarns. The higher the Denier number the thicker and tighter the weave of the fabric, while a lower Denier indicates a finer, more loosely woven, fabric.

So if you were buying a neck scarf then you would look for a lower Denier number because loosely spun fibers tend to make the scarf softer to the touch. However, you might want an outdoor tent, or a piece of luggage with a higher Denier number because the tighter weave makes it more durable.

For pet strollers, a higher Denier number means the fabric can be  easily spot cleaned with a wet rag, and that it is more resistant to tears from pet claws. Dirty paw prints are likely to end up on the inside of your stroller compartment and it’s convenient to quickly wipe the stains after use.