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Cats In Strollers: We Just Wanna Have Fun!

Andy was an indoor-outdoor cat until something attacked him one day. Who knows what actually happened. It could have been a mouse-catching operation gone awry, or maybe he mistook a raccoon for the family dog he likes to taunt. He came in for some love and a meal that day and his face was bloody. He had a gash underneath his eye.

After several trips to the vet and several hundred dollars later, Andy was an indoor only cat. Like many cats, every time the door opens, he moves into stealth mode and tries to get out.  Mostly his efforts fail, but the humans tend to feel badly that he can no longer go hunting. A cat stroller is a viable alternative. He can’t prowl on land, but he does get to see and feel the outdoors like the good old days.

KittyWalk Systems designed strollers especially for cats. All of their stylish strollers have a 360 degree view. Andy likes the 5th Avenue Luxury stroller in blue, of course. The stroller is great for cruising the neighborhood and park. This is not a jogging stroller and shouldn’t be compared to one. The smaller, swivel wheels mean that the stroller is meant for mostly smooth terrain. Andy is not a cat that would appreciate an all out run, so a stroller for walking is just right for him. The sturdy, claw-proof mesh is an attractive feature. He can go in the front or the rear opening. At first, Andy spent a few days with the stroller sitting in the living room, so he could check it out. The cabin is removable from the frame so he can just pop into the stroller after a car ride to the park.

KittyWalk Systems makes eleven strollers to suit the needs of choosy pet owners. Check out KittyWalk strollers at


Original SUV Pet Stroller

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3 Foods To Keep Away From Kitty

Your kitty is always so excited to get a little tasty treat, especially when it is human food. There are several foods, though, that your kitty really should stay away from.



Raw Fish – This contains bacteria that can give your cat food poisoning.  So keep that sushi on your own plate!

Fat Trimmings – These tasty treats can lead to vomiting and diarrhea for kitty. This is unpleasant for both cat and owner!

Onions and Chives – These foods can break down a cat’s red blood cells and lead to anemia.

Yes! – little bits of canned tuna (too much could give your cat mercury poisoning) and small bits of cheese (too much can give your cat diarrhea) are OK for kitty. carriers a wide variety of Cat and Dog Strollers

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3 Human Foods For Cats

Most cats are love to check out what you are eating. It seems they will eat almost anything in addition to their cat food. It is fun to give them a “special treat.” as it makes us feel happy that they might be happy. However, cats really only need the nourishment that comes from cat food. It is alright to give them human food treats, as long as it’s in moderation.


  1. Plain Yoghurt – It is not a good idea to give your cat flavored yoghurt because they are unable to digest the fructose sugar that is usually an ingredient.
  2. Cheese – Avoid soft cheeses, like Brie, but cats do love a good cheddar or even cottage cheese.
  3. Eggs – It’s not a good idea to give your cat a raw egg, but scrambled or hard-boiled is a tasty treat.

We all know that cats love fish, and canned tuna is a delicacy for them, but be careful not to give them too much fish. Fish is deficient in Vitamin E and cats could develop a condition called “yellow fat disease” if they eat too much human- food fish.


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My Cat Wants To Go Outside

There are many negatives to allowing your cat to roam freely outdoors:

  • Your cat might get injured or killed by other cats, dogs, wild animals or vehicles.
  • Your cat might become a nuisance to neighbors by digging up plants, fighting with other animals or going to the bathroom in gardens.
  • If your cat is not spayed or neutered then it is likely that a lot of kittens will be born and end up in shelters.

Many cats do long to go outside, but this is generally frowned upon by most animal behaviorists. A simple solution to getting your cat some fresh air is to get a pet stroller.kwps700suv_1


KittyWalk is a company that specifically created pet strollers for cats. Each of the strollers in their line has a removable pet carrier. Having a detachable carrier is convenient for trips to the vet. You won’t have to take your cat out of the carrier until you return home from your trip.

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Best Cat Stroller With Detachable Carrier

KittyWalk strollers are truly well-designed and superbly constructed pet strollers. KittyWalk strollers have a fabulous 360 degree view through a soft mesh fabric. Each pet stroller has a detachable carrier that allows you to take your cat into the car and into the vet or other desired location.

Four of the KittyWalk strollers have a regular version and an SUV option that is 30% larger. One difference between the strollers is the fabric used on the privacy compartment. Many cats who ride in strollers enjoy the option to take a break from the action to duck out of sight.kw5thavepink

All the KittyWalk strollers have independently turning front wheels. The wheels on the SUV strollers are larger and better able to navigate over uneven terrain.


All of the strollers have a special latch system on the door openings. This company does not use zippers, but instead a metal and  leather clasp.


Enjoy $10 off on any KittyWalk pet stroller at

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The New PetZip Mochi Pet Stroller

New from PetZip! The Mochi is a fashionable dog stroller that has a removable carrier. The main stroller is beige and the carrier is either beige or pink with polka dots on the sides. It has a zippered front door and a sunroof that also zips. Both can be retracted and secured open. Your dog may prefer to poke his head out of the door or the window and can do this comfortably.Mochi Pet Stroller

The carrier has ample space for one dog or two dogs that weigh under 22 pounds. Dimensions of the compartment are: 23″L x 14″W x 15″H. The carrier has a shoulder strap that can be attached and used to transfer your pet into the car, or into the vet’s office.

The stroller frame has a parent tray with two cup holders and a large storage basket. It has eva tires with the front wheel able to turn 360 degrees. The Mochi stroller is simple to maneuver and get through narrow store aisles or through busy city streets.Mochi Pet Stroller

Stylish is an understatement when referring to this pet stroller. PetZip has a history of designing attractive, high quality dog and cat strollers.

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Getting a Taste of the Outdoors

My cat, Andy, is 9 years old but I’ve only had him 3 years. Andy is a red, long-haired, oh so loving feline who probably spent some time outdoors. Sadly, Andy had some troubles in his earlier 6 years because he’s blind in one eye and many of his teeth are missing. I’m not sure whether he was mistreated or whether he was struck by a car or some other object. Andy is definitely a cat who looks longingly, through the screen door, at the outdoors. He lets out a “meow” every so often, possibly protesting his indoor status.

I had never taken him for an outside adventure until taking him for a walk in a pet stroller. I’ve seen many outdoor cat enclosures that also look appealing, but I am more interested in getting some exercise myself.


It does seem that Andy’s spirits are up since going out for walks in his pet stroller. The bounce in his step might be attributed to the better weather, but I’ve seen him go into the stroller just to sit there. He seems to be happy feeling the breeze, listening to the birds and woodpeckers and sniffing the air. He lays down in one direction and then shifts and looks out the back window.SONY DSC

The particular stroller pictured above is the KittyWalk Original SUV. The KittyWalk strollers have a removable carrier, which is convenient when taking Andy to the vet. Andy has diabetes and so has frequent vet visits. The KittyWalk strollers use high quality fabrics and soft, scratch-resistant netting. It is an easy to assemble, durable and attractive pet stroller.


Many other KittyWalk pet strollers can be found at:

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Get Outdoors With Your Disabled Dog

Just like people, dogs are happy when they get to experience the freedom and freshness of the outdoors. Dogs get to run, find new scents, and feel the cool ground under their feet. What about if your dog is injured, like he has a broken leg, an injured tendon or a lacerated paw pad? Likewise, what if your dog is older and is less able to ambulate, or if he has hip dysplasia and too much activity is painful to him?

HoundAbout Pet Stroller

There is a solution for injured and older animals to still be able to enjoy those long walks of the past. If you have a small dog, then carrying him is an option, but after a while your arms and back begin to ache. A pet stroller is a great way for you to still get your exercise while your dog gets to check out the surroundings. There are strollers for people who enjoy jogging and strollers for just walking around. Air-filled tires ensure a smooth ride and swiveling wheels make maneuvering simple. Pet strollers have comfortable cabins with pads on which your dog can sit or lie down. They have zippered mesh openings for good visibility and ventilation. Some have adjustable canopies to shield your pet from the sun and wind. An internal tether clip keeps your pet from jumping out of the cabin. Pet strollers make it easy to get around busy city streets with your pet, and you don’t have to worry about his safety. They easily fold up and fit into the trunk of your car, or the bus or train.

Many people initially need a pet stroller temporarily, and then find their pet loves to ride in it even after their injury has healed! People are more likely to get outside and exercise when they know their pet is also benefiting from the trip.

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5 Items to Make Traveling with Your Pet Easier

Traveling with pets by car is so popular that cars like the Honda Element have a pet package available and are commended for their pet-friendly design! Keeping your car clean and your pet happy when traveling will make your journey hassle-free.

1. A spill-proof bowl. This is key. Pets need to stay hydrated during travel and this item will ensure that the water and food go into the animal, rather than onto the floor. Two examples of spill-proof bowls are:

Fly Dog Travel Bowl











2. A good chew toy is a must! The bully stick is a fantastic item to keep dogs busy for hours. They are available in multiple lengths and even come odor-free!

Bully Sticks

3. A multi-functional leash will allow your dog to have the run of the back seat, yet you won’t have to worry about him causing trouble. Kurgo makes a leash that is also a zip-line for the inside of the car. Great idea.

4. A booster seat helps the small dog see out the window. Companies like Solvit and Snoozer make comfortable seats that can be used with or without the car seat belt.

Solvit Tagalong
Snoozer Lookout Car Seat










5. A pet stroller will make it easier to navigate your final destination with your pet. A lightweight, easy to fold, fit in your trunk kind of stroller.

Kyjen Outward Hound











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