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Pet Enclosures for Outdoor Exploration

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It is generally recommended that cats remain indoors. Safety is the key issue, as cats are vulnerable to attacks from wildlife and may not be able to adequately defend themselves. Kittywalk Systems creates a wide variety of outdoor enclosures for cats and small dogs. They felt that cats deserve to experience the outdoors, but in a safe environment.


You can turn your deck, patio or yard into a funhouse. The Kittywalk pet enclosures have a variety of components that you mix and match to suit your needs. They fit together, sort of like a puzzle, and can be vast or just a small resting place with a good view.

Kittywalk uses durable materials to construct their pet enclosures, like rip-stop netting, solid steel poles and weather-resistant canvas. Their goal has been to make their products able to stand up to varied climates.


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