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I Want a Friendly, Loving Cat!

Getting that sweet, cuddly, head-butting kitty isn’t luck, it’s learned. Many people don’t have any idea what the first few weeks of life were like for their kitty, but even so, there is time to teach your kitty to be friendly and unafraid of humans. Kittens need lots of love and socialization with humans. Their experiences with people should be many and always positive. Kittens don’t need to be exposed to screaming children or other loud noises early on in life. They need to be held, pet, talked nicely to, and given treats. This needs to happen repeatedly and over many weeks of time. Kittens will grow up to be cats that like to be around humans because they know there is a reward; lots of petting and treats.

Petting a cat

There are certain breeds, like Maine Coons, whose nature it is to want to be near people. Likewise, there is also a small percentage of cats who have an unsocial personality and don’t want to be with people. You can’t guarantee you’ll have a friendly cat, but you do have the capability to “train” you cat to be social and loving with humans.


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