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Does Your Dog Love You?

You stare deep into his eyes looking for a sign that he loves you. He probably doesn’t maintain eye contact for very long, but you still feel a deep connection with your beloved dog.


There are many studies that examined how to determine whether your dog loves you. One looked at the hormone oxytocin, which is connected to maternal  bonds and strong social attachments. Oxytocin levels increased in both humans and dogs after ten minutes of friendly social contact, suggesting mutual love.

Another study looked at the brain activity in dogs when familiar scents were introduced to them. When a dog smelled their owner, their brain activity was similar to that of humans when they were shown pictures of people they love.

It seems safe to assume that your dog will show you love in many different ways. Some dogs give a full body tail wag when they see you, some lick and lick and lick you. Many dogs like to cuddle on your lap, or inside your legs. We will never know exactly what our dogs are thinking, but they surely love us as much as we love them!


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