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Wild Animal Print Pet Strollers

g7imperialTake your pet on a wild ride in a wild animal print pet stroller! Gen 7 Pets has added two high-quality fabrics, Zebra and Cheetah, to their pet stroller line. The Imperial is their high-end buggy that has an aluminum frame and a large pet compartment (26″ long, 11.25″wide, 22″high). This pram-style carriage has a zebra print interior pad and zebra print accents. This stroller will hold up to 40 pounds, has two ways to enter the cabin and a 40 inch handle height.


The Promenade model has proved to be one of the most popular pet strollers available. The three wheel design is comfortable to push and easy to steer. The Promenade will hold 50 pounds and has two interior safety leashes, making it perfect for two pets.


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How to Get Your Dog to Like a Stroller

Some dogs leap right into strollers and car seats, while others are much more cautious.

My first suggestion is to open up the stroller, put the brake on, and set it in a room where your dog is likely to explore it. Be sure the brake is on so he’s not frightened by any movement. Let him sniff it, walk around it, look inside it and generally try to figure it out. You can place a chair next to it, so he can jump up and hopefully go inside the stroller. Strollers that have a lower point of entry are sometimes more inviting because they can just be unzipped.

Consider putting you dog’s bed inside the cabin of the stroller, a favorite toy and/or a small treat. When it seems like your dog is somewhat comfortable sitting inside the stroller, take him for a stroll around the room.

Allow your dog to investigate and get used to the stroller for a few days to a week. This is usually all it takes for your dog to like a stroller.


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