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Some Dogs Bite

biting dogA dog that is under duress or feels anxious is more likely to bite. There are several situations a dog may be faced with that will increase the likelihood of him biting you.

  1. Fighting dogs – Be aware that if you choose to intervene, you might be bitten. As a dog gets more excited their behaviors become more inhibited.
  2. Many dogs feel stress when going to the vet. This may be because the other animals around make him nervous or they just smell something not quite right.
  3. Routine grooming acts may cause anxiety for your dog; nail clipping, fur trimming, or bathing.

Distracting a dog with treats or bones is one method to divert a potential biting incident.

dogchewsbone Any dog has potential to bite, even if it seems completely out of character. Biting is less likely when stress and anxiety are at a minimum.





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