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Frenchie Friends

The French Bulldog might arguably be the cutest small dog out there!


The have truly irresistible jowls and soft, soft ears. Their sad-looking eyes make you want to love them for hours at a time. I’d say the most difficult part of being a Frenchie owner is that they can be hard to potty train. If you get them early then it’s easier to get a routine going, but we got one of ours at 6 months of age and he’s been a total bugger. It is an ongoing process!

Luckily, all the positives outweigh the negatives and I wouldn’t trade in our two dogs for anything. Watch dogs they are not. They are the laziest little dogs I have ever seen. They sleep all the time, with brief interludes of running outside and barking at the neighbor’s dog. One likes to fetch a small ball and the other likes to destroy the ball.

Grooming the Frenchie is a non-issue. They shed very lightly and never need to be brushed. It’s a good idea to wipe their nose folds and their ears with a soft pad and vinegar so they don’t get funky. They love kids, love each other and love to snuggle. As with all dogs, they are overwhelmed with glee every single time they see you! What could be better?

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