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3 Gifts for the Active Pet and Owner

Some days there just isn’t enough time to take your dog out for a run. On those occasions, hopefully they are infrequent, the Fetchtastic Automatic Fetch Machine is the perfect go-to toy.  This toy is exhaustion in a can. It can hold 15 tennis balls and launches one 12-24 feet every 7 seconds. It weighs 6.2 pounds, so it is portable, and it has a 30-day money-back guarantee.


On days perfect for bike riding, why not take your pet? A bicycle trailer for pets is fun on wheels. Pet bike trailers come with all the parts you need to easily attach to your bicycle and away you go. There are trailers for very small pets and trailers that will carry up to 165 pounds.  The bigger trailers are perfect for one large pet or multiple smaller pets. A pet bike trailer has a safety tether inside and a comfortable pad on which your pet can rest. They all have mesh around the sides so your pet can sniff and check out the outdoors. A bike trailer is especially useful after your pet is tired from using the Fetchtastic, or if he is old, disabled or injured. DR Novel

If your gift receiver is planning to take a trip with a pet, then a book about traveling with pets is a perfect idea. The most recent book out from AAA is called: Traveling with Your PetUsers report that the book is well-organized and detailed about where to stay and what to do, nationwide. Another book idea is Following Atticus, which is a true story about a man and his beloved pooch, Atticus, and how they climb all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4 thousand- foot peaks during the winter. They did this to raise money for charity while also honoring a friend who recently died. This book gets rave reviews by all who have read it and it is sure to please any pet owner.

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