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Importance of Brushing a Dog’s Teeth

It seems like an impossible task, but it is very important to brush your dog’s teeth. I have heard several stories from folks who say their dog had to have teeth pulled due to infection and poor dental hygiene.  If your dog develops a bacterial infection, he or she is at risk of it entering the bloodstream and affecting the kidneys, liver, heart or brain.


Using a toothbrush makes the task more difficult, in my opinion, but wrapping gauze around your finger or using one of those nubby rubber sleeves that fit on your finger seems to work the best.

There are many different kinds of toothpaste for dogs, although I can’t imagine that  any of them are actually flavorful to them! But since dogs cannot spit out the toothpaste, using the human kind is not a good idea.

Be sure to brush the teeth and the gums, many suggest doing this with a circular motion. It is also suggested that you brush the teeth two times a week. If too much plague builds up on your dog’s teeth, you may be looking at a professional cleaning. This is costly and your dog will have to go under anaesthesia. That does not sound appealing!



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