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3 Tips To Manage Too Much Barking

When the doorbell rings, my dogs bark like crazy. I can’t tell whether they think they are barking to protect the domain or whether the excitement of a new person coming in is overwhelming. Either way, you should get your dog to stop barking before opening the door. Opening it while the barking is going on only reinforces the bad behavior.


Another annoying phenomenon is when your dog barks while you are trying to talk to another person. Instinct says to stop talking and tell your dog to be quiet. Experts suggest, however, that the best solution is to ignore your dog until they demonstrate calm and quiet behavior. You can then reward him or her.

Barking in the car is also difficult to control. Your dog may be excited to see other cars or dogs, or they may be fearful and anxious. A widely held view is that dogs will be more likely to behave if they are secured in a crate in the rear part of the car. This way their vision of the things outside the car is limited and you could provide some distractions with toys and treats.


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