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Two More Strollers For Bulldogs

Since my last post that talked about great bulldog strollers, two more sturdy strollers have come out: The Pet Gear Double stroller and the Gen7Pets Jogger stroller. The Jogger will carry 75 pounds of bulldog and the Double will hold up to 90 pounds.

Both of these strollers have a sturdy base that will support solid, heavy dogs like the bulldog. the strollers both have a cozy cabin and plenty of windows.

Gen7Pets Jogger




The Gen7Pets Jogger has EVA foam tires, otherwise known as “never-flat” tires. The Pet Gear Double stroller has 12 inch air-filled tires. The tires can quickly be released should you desire to take them off for storage or for putting into the car. The Double comes with an air-pump, and also with a weather cover for those days you get caught in the rain.

Both strollers have superior handle height; the Jogger is 40 inches high and the Double is 42 inches high. This is helpful if you choose to jog or walk quickly with your dog, because your feet won’t kick the wheels.

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Pet Strollers: 3 Wheels or 4?

Gen7Pets-G7-JoggerDoes one type of pet stroller seem to be more stable than another? That is a question I get asked quite frequently. There are few things to consider when choosing a stroller with one front wheel or two front wheels.

Many of the jogging pet strollers have just one front wheel. This style tends to support more weight and is very stable at speeds faster than walking will create. The one wheel on joggers often can be locked into place or left to swivel. Many people find that at higher speeds, locking the front wheel creates more stability. Pet buggies with three wheels tend to weigh a little more as many of them have air-filled tires. The air-filled tires exist for a smoother, more comfortable, ride.

PetZip Royal Stripe City Buggy
PetZip Royal Stripe City Buggy

Smaller strollers that are meant for lighter weight animals and/or traveling at slower speeds remain stable with four wheels. These wheels swivel, so they go whichever way you turn. Often 4-wheeled strollers ride closer to the ground which enables more stability for these lighter weight buggies.


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